Art of War Wrestling: Genesis – Wrestling Enters the Valkyrie

Art of War Wrestling staged their debut show inside the popular club called the Valkyrie at BGC. AOWW Genesis capitalized on this unique debut and featured its interesting cast of wrestlers and hard style wrestling!

aow genesis when in manila tag 2Razael and Zera square off

aow genesis when in manila tag 1Ace Clark is trapped in HIgh Proof’s corner

730 Tempest (Zera & Ace Clark) (w/ Project Z) vs. High Proof (Razael & Uno Salvador)

The very first Art of War Wrestling match featured High Proof taking on 730 Tempest. Razael and Uno Salvador used their size to overpower their opponents in the early going. Zera showed some daredevil moves such as the spinning headscissors on his opponent and a top rope splash. Zera and Ace Clark got the win after Clark pinned Salvador.

aow genesis when in manila bryan leoBryan Leo

aow genesis when in manila aow titleAOWW Heavyweight Belt

Fight for the Gold

AOWW CEO Brian Finigan came out to welcome the crowd, but was interrupted by “Classical” Bryan Leo. Bryan Leo would also be cut off by his opponent for the night, Nuke. Nuke challenged Bryan Leo to a fight on the spot, but Finigan stopped them. Finigan announced that their match will determine the FIRST AOWW Heavyweight Champion.


aow genesis when in manila silent dSilent D and Oni

Starling vs. Silent D (w/ Oni)

The big demon mask-wearing man named Oni introduced his protégé Silent D to the crowd. Silent D faced the talented female wrestler, Starling. It was a very short match after Starling planted Silent D with a spinebuster for the pinfall victory.


aow genesis when in manila jiara frost attackFrost attacks Starling

After the match, Oni told Starling that her real opponent is coming. Seconds later, Starling was attacked from behind by Jaira Frost. Frost stood stall with Oni and Silent D after laying out Starling.

aow genesis when in manila machine flex 1

aow genesis when in manila machine flex 2Machine steps on The Flex

“The Machine” Mavericc Knight vs. Rex “The Flex” Go

The Machine made his in-ring return since May 2016. Rex “The Flex” Go tried to take him down but “The Machine” proved too powerful for “The Flex”. Knight took care of business with the “Good Knight Slam” for the 1-2-3.

aow genesis when in manila cherry gerryThe Machine chokeslams Cherry Gerry

After the match, a wrestler named Cherry Gerry tried to enter the ring while the Machine was still inside. Knight squished Cherry with a mighty chokeslam!!!

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