Art Fair Philippines at a Glance








The past few years has witnessed a rapid rise of activity in the art scene.

More people are creating art, sharing art, spreading art, and revering art.

Art Fair Philippines stands as a testament to this. From 6,000 visitors in its year of conception to 22,000 last year, it continues to be an avenue for the rising regard of art in the mainstream. It continues to be a medium for progress and development. Art demands that you feel, it urges you to think, it calls for you to question.

So take some time out of your busy schedule to visit this year’s Art Fair Philippines. Let us know which pieces made you feel, think, and question.

Art Fair Philippines 2017

Februray 16-19 (Thursday-Sunday)

10am-9pm at the Link Carpark, 5F/6F/7F/RoofDeck

Regular Tickets are priced at Php 250, Students with valid IDs are Php 50, while students from Makati have free admission

Visit their official website: https://artfairphilippines.com/en/ for more details.