Art Fair Philippines at a Glance

written by Mikaela Zulueta 

In most countries around the globe, February heralds the day of love. When in Manila, it has a little extra to charm the heart: a month-long celebration of the arts. The highlight of the February festivities, for anyone hiding under a cultural rock out there, culminates in the yearly-held Art Fair Philippines. Now on its fifth year, Art Fair Philippines’ organizers Trickie Lopa, Dindin Araneta and Lisa Periquet are pulling out all the stops. Showcasing 46 galleries both local and international, facilitating daily Art Fair Talks, and adding a whole other floor to the spectacle, 2017’s Art Fair Philippines promises to be something you just can’t miss.

While you can read why Art Fair Philippines should be one for the books here, all you really need is a look at our photos to know what your weekend priorities are.





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