Are You a Cheesecake Lover? This List is for You

Love cheesecake? If so, we’ve rounded up 3 new cheesecake discoveries that you are sure to fall in love with yourself. These cheesecakes also make for great gifts this holiday season!

Are You a Cheesecake Lover? This List is for You

Meryenda Packs by monmonmon (@eat.monmonmon)

monmonmon Meryenda Pack

Photo from monmonmon

Monica baked her very first Basque burnt cheesecake on Valentine’s Day this year and when a halt was put on the travel business, she found herself with more time to spend in the kitchen. That’s when monmonmon was born. Their cheesecakes aren’t your regular Basque burnt cheesecakes, though. They offer local flavors that are simple yet nostalgic and are inspired by their travels around the Philippines. Look closely at the photo above and you’ll see that they have Choc Nut, bibingka, and ube calling out from their Meryenda pack – definitely a unique and delicious experience!

monmonmon isn’t all about their cheesecakes, either. They are also about sustainability. They send their washed eggshells and coffee grounds to an urban composter in San Juan, send all of their ingredient packagings to a group that upcycles used plastic and paper, and use packaging that’s reusable or compostable. How awesome is that?

Bobba Cheesecake MNL (@bobbacheesecakemnl_)

Bobba Cheesecake 1

Photo from Bobba Cheesecake MNL

Since the owners of Bobba Cheesecake MNL love milk tea and cheesecake so much, they decided to combine the two to form a unique dessert. If you read our article on Bobba Donuts MNL, this is actually their sister brand. Yes, they have created something fresh and new yet again: a 4-layered no-bake milk tea cheesecake with a twist. This cheesecake comes with separate pearls that you can pour onto the cheesecake itself for a delicious and unique experience! If someone in the family doesn’t like pearls, then you can simply not put pearls on their slices. The cheesecake tastes delicious on its own – tried and tested!

This no-bake Bobba Milk Tea Cheesecake needs to be refrigerated for best quality. You can also opt to put it in the freezer and  I swear: it’s like eating milk tea cheesecake ice cream! The boba pearls, on the other hand, should only be stored in the refrigerator in case you won’t be eating them right away. You can reheat them in the microwave for up to 30 seconds before topping them onto the cheesecake before eating.

Tarte de Queso by La Viñita (@la_vinita_tarte_de_queso)

La Vinita Tarte de Queso

Photo from La Viñita

Cedie was inspired to sell her baked goods when her father-in-law suggested it. She started by offering her treats to close friends; but now, we can all enjoy her delicious treats. The original Basque burnt cheesecake can be found in San Sebastian, Basque Region in Spain, home of the famous Pintxos.

Since the restaurant is called La Viña and Cedie grew up in Spain, decided to name her cake La Viñita. A closer look will show you that this cheesecake isn’t exactly the same as La Viña’s, though, making it stand out from the other burnt cheesecakes in today’s market. La Viñita’s Tarte de Queso is made with love and is sure to put a smile on your face. “We are experiencing a very difficult time right now and this is my little way to help people feel happy,” Cedie adds.

Got any other delicious cheesecake finds we should try?

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