Are BTS Member V and Kim Yoo-jung Dating?

With so many eyes on them and with such a die-hard fanbase, dating can’t be easy for the members of BTS. Ever since they became famous in 2013, none of the members of the group have actually been in a relationship (at least not one that is known to the public). There have been instances where the members have been linked to other celebrities and rumors have spread, though.

24-year-old BTS member V has recently been linked to 21-year-old actress Kim Yoo-jung, for example, and the news is once again trending today. The rumors started in January when MSN published pictures of V on a subway train and also posted photos of Yoo-jung on a subway train, making people wonder if they were actually on the same subway train together.

Things escalated when people photoshopped the two celebrities together. It was eventually concluded that they weren’t on the same subway train, after all, though.

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Before this rumor, V has also been linked to a fan named ‘Hi’ back in 2015. V had been posting screenshots of Hi’s social media posts and was also seen wearing a ring that Hi had given him as a gift. Some fans thought they were secretly in a relationship; but BTS’ record label, Big Hit Entertainment, denied those rumors.

V may have not revealed any romantic relationships since BTS became famous, but he has spoken up about how hard it is to meet new people now that they are well-known. “When I was younger, I used to like going out and meeting new people,” he said. “What I feel is that there are so many people who see me as V, not Kim Taehyung. I feel like I’ve changed a lot because of stuff like this. I only have my people now.”

He has also spoken up about being unlucky in love in the past and has admitted that he has never been in a serious relationship before. In fact, he hasn’t been in a relationship that has lasted longer than 20 days. According to V, his ideal partner who seems cold on the outside but has a warm heart inside – someone who is kind and respectful to her parents, and can help him manage his finances. He once said that Kaya Scodelario is close to his ideal type.

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