Aphro Apollo’s “Skin and Bones” and Its Hidden Gem That Marketers Should Learn Too

Through his latest book entitled Skin and Bones, Aphro Apollo definitely creates a phenomenon of making his readers feel different surges of emotions through the book’s theme. But long before this book was reviewed by Instagram bloggers and tiktokers, the question is: How does Aphro do the job of promoting his latest book knowing that it was produced independently?

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Aside from having a background in Public Relations and Digital Marketing, Aphro shares that he is also learning several marketing tactics from his favorite icons like Taylor Swift. He said that as a Swiftie he noticed that Taylor always has clever ways of initiating a real buzz before releasing her albums.

That’s exactly what Aphro did before he released his third book. Aphro, with the help of his own Instagram account, started uploading posts, reels, and stories that were considered as hints or “easter eggs” just to stir some curiosity. Some of his followers were skeptical, but to his avid readers, it’s definitely a hint!

While “Skin and Bones” was as promising as the themes and direction of the book itself, there were some hidden marketing techniques and ideas that we can learn from it too. With that said, we shouldn’t let that slip under the radar.

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As part of the public, it is important now more than ever, to keep up with the ever-changing tide of social media. It is so crucial to learn the ins and outs of this platform because, in our generation, social media like Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram already is the real hub for labels, advertisers, marketers, and even artists.

With that, Aphro never wants the idea of wasting any chance. That is why he made sure that every action counts in terms of marketing his books even on his own personal accounts. Moreover, there were creators too online who are sharing book recommendations that include “Skin and Bones,” and even their post-reading experience.

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Aside from Aphro’ marketing promotions that he did on Instagram. The SkinPoemXAphroApollo Brand collaboration is definitely one of the most successful and clever marketing techniques that he did for the book, and for Skin Poem too! Who would have thought that through this idea, it ended up bringing good traction for both parties? We need a good skincare from Skin Poem with an added verse of good poetry from “Skin and Bones,” indeed!


If you are a marketer, this might not be the first time you’ll hear this jargon. Through the power of shares and reshares now, Aphro doesn’t only promote or upload contents for brands that he works with as a Public Relations Practitioner, whenever a brand sends him over products to try, he makes sure that he can always come up with an unexpected output. One instance was when the Marketing Team of Luxe Slim sent Aphro products to try, he did not only upload the photo of the product itself but together with his book. Well, we cannot blame him for knowing that a healthy coffee from Luxe Slim is the best when you have a great book to read as you take a sip.


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It’s true that word of mouth is indeed important in marketing a particular product too. But then again, this one can also be technical and tricky, as you do not control other people’s perceptions and decision-making. However, if what they purchase is really good, and it makes their life feel a little bit better, then that’s when good reviews from them come out perfectly!

With all the hidden gems from Skin and Bones that we unravel for the first time here in When In Manila, it only shows that Aphro Apollo is not only a good story-teller, a wise wordsmith, or whatever you want to call him. In addition, the way he promotes his body of work only proves that indeed, Aphro is a marketing genius. He knew how to play his cards right.

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