Anytime Fitness 24-Hour Gym in Manila: There’s No More Room For Excuses

Anytime Fitness 24-Hour Gym in Manila: There’s No More Room For Excuses


When in Manila, we’ve all had our fair share of fraudulent excuses when coming in late due to traffic. Whether it’s a meeting, romantic date, class, or even a workout session, Manila traffic has messed up our schedules.How convenient would it be to not care about missing the first 15-30 minutes of your scheduled gym time? The answer in doing so? Anytime Fitness.


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The number one fitness franchise as ranked by Entrepreneur magazine has finally made its way to the Philippines. With over 3,000 gyms open all over the world, Anytime Fitness has finally opened its first branch in the heart of the busiest city in the country.  


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With a growing number of fitness establishments in the Metro, what makes Anytime Fitness different, as its name suggests, is its 24-hour accessibility. Imagine never having to worry about clashing schedules and rushing your workout to make it before closing time. It also offers the utmost convenience to those who work non-regular hours. More than that, though, Anytime Fitness takes pride in the unique service that they offer their clients.


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Using exclusive technology, members get access to all of the Anytime Fitness gyms around the globe with a single access key, including all locations in Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Grand Cayman, India, Chile, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan. 


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Most people have a staple image of gyms and gym users: intimidating. We’ve all been brainwashed to think that fitness equals weight-lifter bodies and steroid-injected biceps. Anytime Fitness takes away that huge factor that inhibits people from stepping inside a gym. Their friendly and accommodating staff makes all of the members feel right at home.


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By keeping the size of the establishment small, they also provide a more intimate setting, ensuring that members are always attended to as needed. Its signature colour says it all. Compared to striking colours, purple envokes power and arouses drive, it is also a colour often associated with relaxation and assumes the effect of lavender and lilac in aromatherapy. I would say it instantly brings a sense of calmness and peace, and even fun! It’s what I instantly felt upon walking into the establishment. The bright smiles of the staff ultimately made me feel energized and good to go!


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In their current branch, alternative exercise group programs are unavailable due to space constraints, but will be offered in succeeding branches. However, Anytime Fitness Pioneer compensates with a program that allows you to take alternative exercise programs alone instead. They offer interactive classes that may also work for people who want to omit the process of choosing schedules and waiting in line. It also eliminates the discomfort of joining a huge crowd. 

It really is something different. Imagine the convenience of being able to access the gym any time of the day, even during the holidays. With summer coming in just a few months, what better time to start burning all of those holiday calories than now?

According to our sources, cost is around 2500 per month + one time payment of 2500 for your key.


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When in Manila, there’s no more room for excuses with a 24/7 gym. Watch out as Anytime Fitness will be opening at Bonifacio High Street in The Fort, BGC and at E. Rodriguez, Hemady soon!



Anytime Fitness Pioneer


2F Pioneer Centre, Pioneer St. Pasig City

Contact number: +32 631 0454

Website: www.anytimefitness.ph

E-mail: pioneer@anytimefitness.ph

Facebook Page: Anytime Fitness Pioneer

Instagram: @anytimefitnesspioneerph


Anytime Fitness 24-Hour Gym in Manila: There’s No More Room For Excuses