Antonio’s: Insider Tips and Stops for the Millennial

In Manila, top lists and Facebook shares feature more and more restaurants popping up in Makati, Pasig, QC, BF — and the list goes on. When out of Manila, the ideas are endless. From hiking to snorkeling to finding the perfect rustic getaway, the possibilities leave many eager to hit the road and get to places.

Since Tagaytay is one of the nearest and most beloved getaways for people in Manila, it’s also a prime spot for restaurants and attractions to catch the urban dweller’s eye. Even as more and more establishments open, though, the classics still remain. And you can’t say you’ve been to Tagaytay if you haven’t been to an Antonio’s restaurant.

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The famous group of restaurants — Antonio’s, Breakfast at Antonio’s, and Balay Dako — has been around for years. If you haven’t had the weekend morning buffet at Balay Dako’s Terraza, you must’ve probably seen someone else’s Instagram of the classic sofas with pink flowers on a wall of greenery or a perfect view of Taal from their balcony.

After visiting three out of four of the Antonio’s establishments, here’s our roundup of behind-the-scene tips on why you should visit them:

For the alternative breakfast

Breakfast at Antonio's exterior

Breakfast at Antonio's interior

For years, Breakfast at Antonio’s on Tagaytay Road has made sure people keep coming back to try a different dish on their extensive menu. While they offer staples such as breads, salad, pancakes, omelettes, and the like; they also offer unique selections such as roesti, a Swiss take on potato pancakes. You won’t find roesti on many other breakfast menus, and their crispy and chewy roesti is one thing to check off the bucket list for potato lovers all around.

Despite their name, Breakfast at Antonio’s is all about lunch, too. They’re open all day and also serve non-breakfast meals such as pies, chicken, and smoked pork baby back ribs (see below).

Breakfast at Antonio's crossiant

Breakfast at Antonio's salad

Chicken Oriental Salad (P400)

Breakfast at Antonio's egg

Chorizo Roesti with Sautéed Mushrooms and Swiss Cheese (P530)

Breakfast at Antonio's ribs

Smoked Pork Baby Back Ribs with Mexican Dirty Rice (P515)

Though over ten years old, the restaurant is anything but stagnant. With regular menu revisions and a newly opened extension downstairs (with its own viewing deck!), they make sure that the Antonio’s experience is always maintained.

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