LOOK: This College Couple’s Tagaytay Date Makes Us MELT

Two sophomores in UPD, Kara and Johann, have only started dating recently but already they make us feel so single.

On Dec 22, Kara’s tweet quickly spread all over, melting the hearts of Filipinos on Twitter. She tweeted:

Johann made it even better when he replied:

The reactions from strangers on Twitter were just as golden:

Turns out this date was already a story in the making beforehand! WhenInManila.com got to speak to the two and discovered more than we had hoped for. “I always joked that I wanted to dress up in a gown and suit in a nice restaurant. I always wanted to eat in a karinderya since Johann would always tell me the best food are those found on the street cooked by the locals,” said Kara.

Johann explained, “But I, being the kuripot person that I am, would never want to pay for an overpriced meal, so I deviously planned to set up our what Kara calls ‘karinderya date’ even if its just a normal side street bulalohan. Hit two birds with one stone by taking her to a ‘karinderya’ and dressing up fancy. So I told her that we’d be going to Tagaytay for a food trip and to prepare her dress for a high class dinner.”

Even without inadvertently trending on Twitter, it turns out their date was even cuter than the tweets show. During their spontaneous Tagaytay trip, they ate in a total of 5 restaurants (including that bulalohan) and spent their time reading together. Before heading to the ‘karinderya,’ Johann set up his plan.

“When I told her to change to her dress for dinner, she still didn’t know where we were going. So when we were driving to the place Kara was expecting to end up in a nice hotel but I just kept going straight until we turned to this smaller road which obviously has no nice hotels or restaurants on it. [We were] super laughing when we ended up in Bulalo Point.”

The best part? They started as best friends. “We’ve been best friends since we met in college, this year,” said Kara.

As if they weren’t adventurous enough already, it turns out that they’ve already traveled to so many places together. “Starting with Tinapak, we began visiting different places almost every month balancing both traveling and our college lives,” said Johann.

What we really love doing is breaking the presumptions of dates and traveling having to be too expensive to do, especially when you aren’t even working yet. Both of us save as much as we can and spend as little as possible, yet having the best adventure.”

Ever since they were still only best friends, they’ve already gone on several hiking and beach trips, traveling to different waterfalls and coves like Bukal Falls, Malibiclibic Falls, Buntot Palos Falls, Morong, Pundaquit Beach, Nagsasa Cove, Capones Island, and Camara Island.

johann and kara

kara johann

And even though some people online have pointed out that Bulalo Point wasn’t exactly a karinderya, we know we’d rather be Kara and Johann anyway.

“Next time I’ll make sure that Kara knows what a karinderya is by taking her to a real one,” said Johann.

Karinderya or not, we’ll take this kind of date any day.

johann and kara


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