F-Boys and Girls Beware: New Anti-Cheating Law for Filipinos Passed by Congress

Will this new law finally put an end to cheating once and for all? The Malacañang Palace has just today announced that Filipinos can now be punished by imprisonment for being caught cheating while in a relationship.

The newly-approved Anti-Cheating Law or Republic Act 412019 states “Parties expressly involved in a monogamous relationship who are caught associating with another person in a lewd and lascivious manner can be found guilty of cheating and therefore subject to imprisonment of 30 days to two years.” Under the law, the length of jail time that must be served by offenders will depend on the gravity of their offense to their partners. The equivalent penalties for flirting with another person through text or online is 30 days in jail, face-to-face flirting with another person can be up to six months, while cheating physically serves two years.

Anti-Cheating Law PHImage: thisisinsider.com

The law states that those who wish to prosecute their cheating partners may do so with any of the allowed evidence—screenshots, videos, and voice recordings—dated within the last three months.

According to a statement released this morning, this is merely part of the administration’s efforts to eradicate or reduce the rate of infidelity among Filipinos which has become a pressing concern in the country.

The new law will be in effect starting April 1, 2019.

You can read the complete details about the new Anti-Cheating Law here.

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