LOOK: Fan Whose Heartbreaking Story Inspired Ben&Ben’s New Song Speaks Up

In case you haven’t heard it yet, Ben&Ben just came up with a new beautiful yet sad song inspired by their fan’s heartbreaking love story about watching a man she loved in secret marry someone else.

Now that the song is available in all streaming platforms, the fan, who went by the name “Anne Jou,” shared her thoughts about having the whole world know about her love, loss, and regret.


“It’s really such an honor to be a part of the inspirations of Ben&Ben in writing this song,” wrote “Anne Jou” in the YouTube comments of Ben&Ben’s latest lyric video for their song “Lifetime.” “Thank you for being one of the main reasons why I still think the world is a beautiful place after all I experienced.”

She continued: “It’s funny how Ben&Ben songs are somehow a paradox—listening to their song would break your heart but also console you at the same time. It’s like the exact definition of pain with pleasure, haha. But I really want to say that maybe this is a way to show us that we may not get everything we want but surely there’s something best that’s waiting for us.”

And although she’s still defeated by her experience, she’s happy that it was turned into something beautiful that many others can enjoy. “I may be broken but hey, at least I got some Ben&Ben song right?” she said.

She then gave a message of hope to all those who are going through the same thing as she did.

“We won’t really get everything that we want—even if it’s the one you want the most—but something out there is meant for us, because that’s what we deserve, to be happy and blessed.”

Read her full comment below:

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