Anino ng Kahapon, a Film by Alvin Yap – Haunted by the Shadows of the Past

‘Anino ng Kahapon’, a Film by Alvin Yap


When In Manila, decades have passed since Martial Law but not everyone has moved on from the terror that had befallen the Philippines. As the history books tell us, those days were the darkest in Philippine history. Individuals who opposed the Marcos regime were abducted by military men and tortured to death. Much fear has been borne out of this terrible era. The movie Anino ng Kahapon is a movie that projects just how damaging that period was to some of the people who have witnessed it.

Anino ng Kahapon


Anino ng Kahapon


Anino ng Kahapon is a film directed by Alvin Yap following the story of Irene (Agot Isidro), a wife, mother and nurse who begins to suspect that military men under Marcos are watching over her family, and fears that there are people who want to harm them, just as it was during her childhood years in the 80s. As the film progresses, viewers will begin to see a disturbing truth unfold as Irene’s husband Ed (TJ Trinidad), brother Carlo (Carlo Cruz) and son Brian (Carl Acosta) notice something wrong with this woman haunted by the shadows of the past.

Anino ng Kahapon

Agot Isidro puts on a stellar performance on-screen as the schizophrenic Irene.

An entry to the 2013 New Wave category of the Metro Manila Film Festival, Anino ng Kahapon glues viewers to their seats with a dark, raw and psychological approach to story-telling, eye-catching cinematography, outstanding acting, and a plot twist that would most probably leave them deeply disturbed by what had transpired.

During the Christmas season and When In Manila, do check out Anino ng Kahapon in two selected cinemas for a thrilling psychological ride:


Glorietta 4 Cinema 1


December 18 – 9:40 PM

December 20 – 10:00 PM

December 21 – 10:00 AM

December 22 – 12:20 PM

December 23 – 2:00 PM

December 24 – 4:40 PM


SM Megamall Cinema 7


December 19 – 11:30 AM

December 20 – 2:05 PM

December 21 – 4:25 PM

December 22 – 7:10 PM

December 23 – 9:40 PM

December 24 – 10:30 AM



Haunted by the Shadows of the Past: ‘Anino ng Kahapon’, a Film by Alvin Yap