This New Show Aims to Connect Anime Fans Around the World

A new show called ANIME SONGS PARTY! aims to connect anime fans around the world by participating in the program singing their cover songs of anime. This program welcomes sessions done by all anime fans around the world. All anime fans can enjoy anime songs by sharing their own singing content through various different platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Anime Songs Party poster

Photo from Anime Songs Party

‘Anime Songs’, which have been very popular in Japan, have now spread popularity to the world, alongside the great movement of Japanese Anime worldwide. Anime songs have been loved by many people in different countries and regions despite the fact that they are sung in Japanese and people who don’t understand Japanese might have language barriers.

This new program called, “ANIME SONGS PARTY!” will introduce the content from anime fans including videos of them singing anime songs’ and ‘videos of them playing the anime songs’. On the program, anime songs sound samples will be uploaded through YouTube and YouTube Shorts so viewers can use the sample as their Kkaraoke sound source to sing anime songs.

Also, the sound and movies that are uploaded with the hashtag ‘#ANIMESONGSPARTY’ will be shared on the program. Furthermore, the hosts Yohei Onishi and Singing Cosplayer Hikari will join the listener’s sessions. They hope that the cover songs created on the program will spread around the world.

Anime Songs Party hosts

Photo from Anime Songs Party

The show will start broadcasting on April 3 on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, a Japanese radio station, and the videos including studio sessions will also be shared on YouTube channels of various media like, ‘Anime News Network’ (U.S.A), ‘Manga News’ (France),‘HYPER JAPAN’ (U.K.), and ‘GwiGwi’(Indonesia). This way, the cover songs created by anime fans will be shared and spread to all anime fans around the world.

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