An Adventure Filled Day at Jest Camp + Foodtrips at The Aristocrat Restaurant: The Formula for An Epic Subic Trip!

Survival Camp

Ok, so those challenges took 3-4hours in total. What’s left for the day? Can we still have our survival adventure? Of course we can’t. But what they did was to demonstrate the jungle survival techniques that the Indigenous people developed way before foreigners set foot on our land. This techniques and practices are handed down from generation to generation and then when the Americans built the base in Clark and Subic, they created the JEST camp to train other soldiers the way of the Aetas. The facility was a real training camp before it was converted later into a Bird Park and Adventure camp.

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To Eat and Drink is To Survive

Before the start of the demonstration, our instructor went around with a strange branch and leaves and asked us to eat it. I took one leaf and started to chew it and I was amazed that it tasted like fruit. The Instructor then told us that this was an edible leaf and the jungle survivors use it to cook sinigang in the wild.

Subic Survival

YES, We ate the leaves raw

After the nice leaf meal, he pulled up a large branch that was called (if what I heard was right) “Kuko ng Pusa” (cats claw). Apparently, it was the name they gave the tree because of the distinguishing leaves that looks like cats claws, hooked and pointed. They told us that if we see this kinds of plants, then we can drink water directly from its branch. Then he started cutting it and sure enough, water went pouring down just like a mineral water bottle. According to them, a freshly cut branch can hold up to 2liters of water, which is enough for one man to last the whole day or even 2 days.

Subic Survival

Fire!!! Bwahahaha!!!

To Make Fire and Cook is to Survive

The next demonstration was making fire and cooking your meals. I learned that when you’re in the jungle, there are so many options to choose from when looking for a nice meal. You can even have a nice home cooked meal using only bamboo.

Bamboo has always been the life source for jungle survivors. It can be used for so many things and the most important part is what will save you from starvation: making fire.

Fire can be easily produced as demonstrated by our jungle master. According to him it was more efficient to make fire with bamboo than using rocks or Carabaos horns which are harder to find. “But its best that you bring your own lighter or match” he quipped. This is just for emergency that the Aetas have developed over the years.

To cook your meals, you need to prepare your utensils and your cook set, all of which can be produced using bamboo. It’s an amazing fact that simple things in nature have so many uses. City dwellers have almost forgotten this and going on a trip into the wild, even if its only for a weekend will surely make you more aware of the vast beauty that no iPhone or iPod can give.

We couldn’t try the jungle trek because it would take us 1-3 days to have the full experience. However, the amenities itself and the attractions are enough to last you the whole day. If you want to go for the extreme weekend, you have the option. Can’t wait to do that and cut myself off the grid from the city and release my stress for a while.

I highly recommend this place for the casual adventurer or the serious office worker who wants to get out of the cold, dirty and dry city.

Dive into the wild.


Binge Eating!

As expected, we were REALLY hungry, so we searched for places to eat and found the Aristocrat Restaurant in Subic very comfortable and relaxing after a whole day’s adventure. The place was really nice and spacious, enough for family gatherings and casual meals. The politeness of managers and the waiters made our experience more pleasing and relaxing. The food was great, too. I went straight for the ultimate CRISPY PATA. It was my guilty pleasure and they made my guilt more satisfying. The rest of the guys also enjoyed their meals and desserts. There is even a smoking area for you guys who can’t do it in public. I know in Subic they are strict with rules.


Here are some of  The Aristocrat‘s signature dishes which we enjoyed that day….

The Aristocrat Restaurant When In Manila-8Calamares

The Aristocrat Restaurant When In Manila-17

Crispy Pata

The Aristocrat Restaurant When In Manila-16

Kare Kare

The Aristocrat Restaurant When In Manila-19

Honey Fried Chicken


The Aristocrat Restaurant When In Manila-11

Grilled Squid

The Aristocrat Restaurant When In Manila-10

Boneless Chicken BBQ


It was truly a day filled with fun, adventure, laughter accompanied with great food from The Aristocrat Restaurant!

So next time you visit Subic, never miss the chance to visit Jest Camp to experience the aerial walk, bird show, Goliath Swing and more! For an epic trip of course, best if you feast onto The Aristocrat Restaurant‘s classic heart warning dishes and customer service beyond compare! 



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An Adventure Filled Day at Jest Camp + Foodtrips at The Aristocrat Restaurant: The Formula for An Epic Subic Trip!