Ampong Dental: Quezon City’s Hidden Dental Treasure

From an early age, we were all taught the importance of brushing our teeth after every major meal to avoid future dental problems.  But what we have been kept in the dark about is how regular dental care and treatment can prevent a disorder called TMJ.  TMJ is a lot more common than we think.

Tell me more about TMJ Disorders

TMJ = Temporomandibular Joint.

They are painful conditions that cause dysfunctions in the jaw joints – such as jaw pain, facial pain, headaches, vertigo, neck and shoulder and back pains.  Many patients go undiagnosed as they assume that these pains have no connection whatsoever to their jaw or bite.  That’s where Dr. Camille Ampong Casas and her team come in!

Level up on your dental game at Ampong Dental! Quezon City’s hidden dental treasure

More about Ampong Dental and spread the word!

Dr. Camille Ampong Casas, owner and founder of Ampong Dental in Quezon City, operates her clinic located at 60 Kamuning Road in Quezon City. Very easy to find amidst the other local businesses, Ampong Dental is like Kamuning’s hidden dental treasure. Located above a laundry mat on the main road, it is a cozy and inviting space with lots of natural light pouring into the reception. They also have eight professionals on the team are ready to cater to your needs.

A major plus for those of us who are parents is that they even have a separate play area for kids!  They average eight patients per day, and they are all loyal clients.  I am told that some come as far as Batangas, Laguna, and all over Metro Manila just for their unique service and professionalism.  That is class.  Many of their clients are also from referrals, which speaks volumes.

Over some whitening kits, Dr. Camille passionately speaks of her goal, which is to increase awareness of TMJ in the Philippines.  Personally, having not been aware of the condition, I found it surprising how many people this has affected and how many are self – diagnosing their own symptoms.  All of this, only to find themselves leaving their doctors office with a prescription for pain killers.  Dr. Camille finds it her duty to inform her clients of this condition so that they are aware of the signs and symptoms, and in turn spread the word to their communities.

Level up on your dental game at Ampong Dental! Quezon City’s hidden dental treasure

Tell me about their services!

Aside from TMJ Disorder Management, Ampong Dental offer services falling under: General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, and Preventive Dentistry. In simpler terms, anything from Cleaning and fillings, Braces, Whitening and Veneers, Extraction, Dentures, Root Planing, to Sealants and Fluoride application.

Level up on your dental game at Ampong Dental! Quezon City’s hidden dental treasure

Along with the above array of services, you can also purchase the Dental Essentials kit.  These products focus closely on teeth whitening and are available at the clinic or on their website.

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Level up on your dental game at Ampong Dental! Quezon City’s hidden dental treasure

Bragging Rights!

I’m going to end this with a humble brag for being the winner of the Philippine Top Choice TMJ Dental Specialist in 2017, and for the Outstanding Achievement in Dentistry of 2017.

If you are looking for professionals who will always have your dental needs and interests at heart, rather than simply trying to make a sale out of you, you know what to do.  Take my word, and pay Dr. Camille Ampong – Casas and her team a visit at Ampong Dental in Quezon City. You won’t be disappointed!

Dr. Camille Ampong - Casas

Dr. Camille Ampong – Casas

Ampong Dental

60 Kamuning Place, Kamuning Road, Quezon City 0917.883.50.13



Instagram: @ampongdental


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