AMAZING! Take a Look at this Live Tattoo Video Mapping Projection on People

They call it the first live “Tattoo Video Mapping” event. I call it the most amazing art exhibition of 2015. And if you like both art and tattoos, you will surely love this, too.

Set up in Lisbon, Portugal two months ago, a media production company called Oskar & Gaspar had the genius idea of putting up the first-ever live tattoo video mapping event. Doesn’t make sense to you? Video projection mapping, although has been around for a while, has been gaining popularity in the recent years as people find more and more creative ways to utilize and expand this wonderful tool in technology. Whether for the sake of art, business, tourism, or for all of the above.

Case in point. This ink mapping video is an incredible display of art. So we’ll just shut up now and let you see the magic for yourself.

No video post-processing. Just pure lightwork magic. Watch below:

Aaaaaahhhh. Technology, you are awesome and we love you.