Amansinaya Mountain Resort in Laurel, Batangas





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Had the chance to visit Amansinaya over the weekend. Amansinaya is located in Laurel, Batangas up in the gardens of Hacienda Cascada. It is surrounded with foliage and mountains. A perfect getaway if you just want a serene place for solitude or a location for team building activities.

Amansinaya has two infinity pools, the Pugad Lawin Adventure Camp which has an obstacle course, mudslide and wall climbing facility, and the Patio Filipino which houses one of the pools and a restaurant area where you can order food. They also offer tours to the Ambon-Ambon Falls and Simbahang Bato. Due to time constraints, we were only able to visit the Ambon-Ambon Falls. It took quite a while to trek to go to that place.


This is the dining area at Patio Filipino. The scenery is great but the food was kind’a disappointing. The buffet was a bit expensive but didn’t meet expectations. 🙁

Pugad Lawin Adventure Camp


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There’s a wall-climbing facility.


The Pugad Lawin Adventure Camp is a perfect venue for outdoor activities. It has a very challenging obstacle course that you will certainly enjoy with your friends or office buddies. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a lot of pictures of the obstacle course because I got so into playing around the camp. I guess you better see it for yourself. 😉



Ambon Ambon+Falls
Ambon-Ambon Falls

After playing around the obstacle course in Pugad Lawin Adventure Camp, we headed out to trek to Ambon-Ambon Falls. Trekking to go to this falls will need you to cross five rivers. Well, they were only narrow rivers but the trek is quite tough. I can compare the trek to the one I had in Mt. Pinatubo.

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Amansinaya+ +The+Bigger+Pool


We ended the day hanging around the bigger swimming pool in Amansinaya. It had a kiddie pool on one side and a regular pool on the other end. This is one of the reasons why you should really visit Amansinaya. 🙂 If you want to visit Amansinaya Mountain Resort, you can check their website here.