Alodia Gosiengfiao and Ashley Gosiengfiao Endorsing Healthy Drinks: WheatGrass CAN

When In Manila and looking for that healthy alternative for your diet, then do what cosplay queens Alodia Gosiengfiao and Ashley Gosiengfiao do: drink Wheatgrass everyday!




I’ve been a health freak for the longest time. So finding out about this instant wheatgrass drink totally made me excited! It’s got all sorts of benefits that’ll help you and your body stay fit, healthy and young! My main reason for drinking Wheatgrass is because it supposedly helps lower your uric acid levels for those who have gout. I have to admit, I’ve been eating all sorts of crap throughout my life so my uric acid levels have gone up a bit. But now I’m fighting back with Wheatgrass from Easy Pha Max!


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It was also great to see the beautiful cosplay sisters, Alodia Gosiengfiao and Ashley Gosiengfiao there. I haven’t seen them since our taping for my geeky show Tek Tok TV a while back!


Alodia Gosiengfiao and Ashley Gosiengfiao keep getting prettier every time I see them! Must be the Wheatgrass!




Philippine PH cosplay sisters root for the Good Drink

Icons of the performance art known as cosplay,  sisters Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao – though opposite in temperament – have endeared themselves to millions of their young fans with their good-mannered yet  perky personalities, and of course, drop-dead gorgeous looks.




The lissome and artistic twosome got into cosplay in their early teens, collecting many awards in competitions here and abroad.  They’re now 23 and 21, still heavily into cosplaying, lately venturing into  successful commercial endorsements  of  online games, fashion, telecoms, food and health drink.


alodia-gosiengfiao-ashley-gosengfiao-ashly-ashlili-cosplay-queen-wheatgrass-can-wheat-grass-easy-pha-max-phamax-almira-wheninmanila-52 alodia-gosiengfiao-ashley-gosengfiao-ashly-ashlili-cosplay-queen-wheatgrass-can-wheat-grass-easy-pha-max-phamax-almira-wheninmanila-53


Reflective and polite, the elder sister – Alodia –  who stands 5’4, placed 76th in the 2010 FHM 100 sexiest women poll. Another plaudit came her way when she was named one of the most influential women in the Philippines by a local glossy for inspiring many women to cosplay.


alodia-gosiengfiao-ashley-gosengfiao-ashly-ashlili-cosplay-queen-wheatgrass-can-wheat-grass-easy-pha-max-phamax-almira-wheninmanila-10 alodia-gosiengfiao-ashley-gosengfiao-ashly-ashlili-cosplay-queen-wheatgrass-can-wheat-grass-easy-pha-max-phamax-almira-wheninmanila-11


At 5’5, younger sister Ashley or Ash is the sportier one and dabbles in photography which she does professionally despite only having learned it from the web. She plays the lead guitar for the all-girl band, Yes Ma’am (formerly known as Hymn of Siren), and even records her own songs and posts them on her blog. A tad naughtier, Ash even contemplates being a ‘yaya’ if she weren’t into cosplay or the arts. Don’t you just lurve her?

Their strong influence with the younger generation made them incontestable brand endorsers for the new Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass RTD, billed as the best health drink in the Philippines.


alodia-gosiengfiao-ashley-gosengfiao-ashly-ashlili-cosplay-queen-wheatgrass-can-wheat-grass-easy-pha-max-phamax-almira-wheninmanila-6 alodia-gosiengfiao-ashley-gosengfiao-ashly-ashlili-cosplay-queen-wheatgrass-can-wheat-grass-easy-pha-max-phamax-almira-wheninmanila-12


“I love how such a good-tasting drink provides me with so much nutritional benefits. With all the unhealthy food and calorie-rich sodas out there, it’s refreshing to find a healthier alternative that you can drink without putting on weight,” declares Ashley who thinks she’s fat even if her legions of fans think otherwise.


“What I like about the Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Ready-to-drink is that it tastes really good – just the right amount of sweetness which I really love! It is perfectly blended and very convenient!  Just chill it, shake it well and you’re good to go,” Alodia exclaims.




Being health-conscious is not just for adults. Take it from cosplay goddesses Alodia and Ashley who swear they can change for the good by establishing a healthy lifestyle while still young.  Like balancing their diet with the Good Drink.


When In Manila, do what cosplay queens Alodia Gosiengfiao and Ashley Gosiengfiao do to get into that healthy lifestyle! Take some Wheatgrass health drinks from Easy Pha Max!


For more info: check out the Wheatgrass C.A.N. Facebook page



Alodia Gosiengfiao and Ashley Gosiengfiao Endorsing Healthy Drinks: WheatGrass CAN