Almost Half of All Asian Women Are Not Confident About Themselves

Confidence is an important part of inner beauty and is what makes you feel good and positively impacts your mental well-being. That’s why Watsons has recently appointed WISE – Watson Insight on Shopper’s Experience – to conduct a survey about women’s confidence in Asia to find out what kind of support women need to feel more confident and help them become a better version of themselves.

Just in time for International Women’s Day, Watsons released results from a regional ‘Women’s Confidence Survey in Asia’ which involved over 3,100 women aged 20-29 across six markets including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. The respondents were asked to rate their confidence levels and mention the things that could help boost their confidence.

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The findings show that almost half of all women in Asia are not confident about themselves at work and in life. Women’s confidence levels are lowest in Hong Kong, closely followed by Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Mainland China. The survey further reveals that staying healthy inside out, as well as gaining recognition from coworkers are key to helping women gain confidence.

Notably, in the Philippines, 70% are satisfied with their career progression and almost all believe that it’s possible for women to excel in their careers. Here, women believe that they will be more confident if they are staying healthy (70%), doing a purposeful job (65%), and doing something good for the environment (56%).

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In another recent survey called ‘What is Beautiful’, more than 11,000 women aged under 45 in 12 markets across Asia and Europe were interviewed about how they value things around them and how they define beautiful after going through a pandemic. On average, 75% of women agree that inner beauty has become more important than ever, especially in the Philippines (96%), followed by Malaysia (91%), Thailand (86%), Hong Kong (83%), and Taiwan (82%).

When asked about the definition of ‘beautiful’, taking care of your health inside out tops the list, with feeling confident and feeling happy in the second and third.

‘What’s the most beautiful thing in life?’ The survey continues. Almost half the respondents feel that the most beautiful thing in life is doing good to the people around them, communities, and even the planet we live in.

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With this insight, Watsons Philippines offers up to 30% off on women’s essentials like vitamins, supplements, and personal care products for the whole month of March to help ensure Filipinas feel beautiful and healthy inside and out, thus boosting their confidence.

“At Watsons, we believe in The New Beautiful, a new kind of beauty that’s good for everyone. To us, beautiful glows from the inside. It’s how we treat ourselves and each other. It’s how we live, who we are, and who we can be. The beautiful is in us all, and for us all,” concludes Malina Ngai, CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia & Europe).

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