ALLMO$T Drops New Banger “Low”

Brace yourselves for the next big one from Pinoy rap sensation ALLMO$T, as they unleashed their latest single “Low.” Comprised of dynamic rappers Crakky and Russell, alongside the mesmerizing hook singers Jom and Clien, ALLMO$T has dropped another certified banger that will leave fans craving for more.


Photo: ALLMO$T

“Low” is not your average track; it’s an ear-tweaking fusion of Pinoy Hip-Hop and RnB that showcases the group’s evolution and innovation. According to Jom, “This track’s sound is like a typical ALLMO$T track but has a different twist.” Russell adds, “It has a different taste, but at the same time, it has that ALLMO$T vibe. It’s Pinoy Hip-Hop and R&B.”

All four members of ALLMO$T are in agreement that “Low” is one of their best singles yet, joining the ranks of their acclaimed hits like “Bagay Tayo,” “Akin Ka,” and “Miracle Nights.” Clien expresses, “Pagpasok ng chorus mapapa-bounce ka talaga,” while Crakky chimes in, “Ang sarap sa tenga ng tunog, madaling ma-catch, especially yung hook. Nakaka-LSS.”


Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of “Low” ever since ALLMO$T shared a snippet of the song on their social media platforms. Initial reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

Jom remarks, “ALLMO$T is evolving, and this track sounds more mature than our previous releases.” Russell adds, “Yes, the group is constantly changing and innovating its ways to be more melodic. And for this specific track, Jom is right, our listeners will find it more mature than what we’ve done before.”

“Low” was released on March 22 under Viva Records!

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