Alleged Vet Malpractice in BGC: Dog Dies From Teeth Cleaning

Mariam addressed her frustration and sadness from the sudden incident which she experienced just a few days ago (from publishing) Her 11 month old furbaby, Bella died while under the care of an experienced veterinarian in a well known veterinary clinic in BGC, Taguig.

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She tells social media that she was just paying the vet a visit with Bella for teeth cleaning or Dental Prophylaxis which can easily be treated by brushing of the teeth but she trusted that Php 3500.00 worth of dental prophylaxis as diagnosed by the veterinarian would be more than enough to take care of her pomeranian’s teeth.

She was devastated to receive a very casual message from the clinic asking her to retrieve the dead body of her dog as “something went wrong” but “it happens, accidents happen” the clinic tells her.


She was shocked find out that the vet extracted more than 16 “milk teeth” and that her baby was overdosed with anesthesia. It breaks her heart seeing the lifeless body of her 11 month old pomeranian, Bella with her eyes open on laying on the  table..


What saddens Mariam the most was how casual the clinic was over losing her beloved dog. They did not reach out to her afterwards nor apologized or “showed sympathy.”
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Direct Quote:

I would like to share my story of a Vet Malpractice to my Pomeranian which caused her DEATH. 

I brought my 11 months old baby for her teeth cleaning ( Dental Prophylaxis ) Due to her tartar which can’t be removed from just brushing her teeth. 

She first asked me to have her blood test, so that she can examine if my Dog is healthy. She charged me P2,800. Then after a few days she called me and said that my Dog is healthy and ready for her Dental Prophylaxis. She advised me not to feed food or water for 8 hours before bringing her to the vet.

I brought her in at 12pm She was very healthy.Her dental prophylaxis is P3500. She said i can pick my dog up when shes fully awake around 7-8pm. 

She made me sign a waiver before leaving, I expected her to be a experienced doctor since the fee she is charging me is more than expensive then other vets. 

I called her at 4pm to check on my baby and she said that she was fine. 9 pm she called me and said that there was bad news. My dog died. 

I rushed to the vet here in Fort bonifacio, and I saw her laying on the table lifeless.

She was overdosed on the anesthesia as you can see she died with her eyes open. I was also shocked the doctor removed all of her “MILK TEETH” DAW AND CHARGED ME P600 per tooth. She removed panels and more than 16 na ipin. Its not advisable to do that especially very small size ang dog ko. Almost TEACUP size

Hindi kinaya ng dog ung ginawa niya, She was still confident saying that it happens naman daw. She never informed me of the risks or possible death. She told me maliit na na procedure, just cleaning her teeth.
Hindi kinaya ng dog ung ginawa niya, She had no remorse coldly saying “accidents happen” as if it were nothing. This is my precious baby. She never informed me of the risks or possible death. She told me maliit na na procedure, just cleaning her teeth. Never would have I expected to be staring at a lifeless corpse and burying my dog that day.

Please beware of her, she took away not just a Dog, she took away my baby. A family member. 

I dont want this to happen to any other pet owner especially in fort bonifacio, the neighbourhood I live in. Its devastating and unjustifiable.

PLEASE SHARE!!! Dont let this happen to Any other pet owners!

We have reached out to Petcentric Veterinary Clinic. They have yet to reply. When In Manila (.com) is open to hear and publish their side.

What do you think of Bella’s story? What went wrong?