Alleged Cheating in PBA? You Decide!

Alleged Cheating in PBA? You Decide!


Recently, a video emerged claiming that the PBA may be involved in some shady practices. Hmmmmmm….

pbawhat do you think?


In this video, observe how PBA Commissioner Chito Salud placed the lottery balls inside the box and didn’t take his hand out. After a while, he was also the same man who picked the winning ball. I believe this practice was the one who caused public suspicion.



The PBA is one of the country’s most respected brands and many people (especially the youth) look up to them, so I think they should practice better planning on how to execute their lotteries especially when these are televised to avoid any future issues. The PBA is no doubt a Philippine household brand and like many other well respected brands, they should serve as a good role-model to the youth whom they influence a lot.


Good thing that in a report by GMANetwork.com, Salud, in a statement, said,

“I have seen the video of the Draft Lottery I recently conducted. I can now also see and understand why people have expressed concerns, some even doubts. This is an entirely avoidable issue and I apologize to our fans, our teams and coaches for the distraction it has caused.

“Improvements could have easily been instituted had I given this more attention. It simply never occurred to me that the whole process looked crude as Coach Guiao called it. It may have appeared unrefined, but it was an honest draw. Improvements will be implemented anchored on fullest transparency.”


What would you suggest to the PBA? Perhaps they can use a transparent box so the public can see what’s going on with the lottery balls? Also, perhaps there should be 2 people assigned (1 who will put the balls in and another to pick the winner?)  And how about aside from different people assigned to place the balls and pick the winner, how about another person to verify it?  What other suggestions can you think of? Please feel free to comment below. =)


And as for the rest of us, may we practice working with integrity and further cultivate a culture of honesty, transparency and dedication to whichever path we have chosen to take. Yeah, we do have countless role models around us, but remember that “change” should start with ourselves. We, of course are the ones who will mold the minds of our next generation of Filipino leaders, so let’s don’t mess things up ok? 


Alleged Cheating in PBA? You Decide!