“All of Us Are Dead” Looks Into the Choices Teenagers Would Make During a Zombie Apocalypse

The new Netflix zombie series All of Us Are Dead is finally streaming on the platform and it. is. so. good. Aside from the action, the blood, and the gore typically expected from a zombie series; we are taken on an emotional rollercoaster that makes us cry and scream more often than not. It’s so much more than a zombie series, and we cannot get enough of it!

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We were also able to interview the director and the cast recently, where Director Lee JQ shared why he wanted to direct this particular webtoon-turned-series. Director Lee shared that while there is a lot of zombie content out there, most stories look at what happens to adults when there is a zombie virus. Here’s what makes All of Us Are Dead unique:

  1. It happens within a very confined space (the school).
  2. It happens to students who are not yet mature adults.

Director Lee points out, “We often say things like “some adults are childish”, but I wanted to look into what kind of choices – and I felt that it would be extremely interesting and intriguing to look at the choices that these young adults make. And I felt like it could bring a new kind of meaning to the zombie genre.”

Photo from Netflix

The cast also chimed in on what makes this particular zombie series different from the rest. Lim Jae-hyeok, who plays Yang Dae-su in the series, points out that people in other zombie content usually have guns or weapons or you large-scale zombie wipe-out scenes with soldiers involved. “Our series is not something like that,” he expresses. “It happens within a school, so what we have at our hands is school supplies, desks, or chairs. So I feel like that is probably going to be the biggest differentiating factor.”

Photo from Netflix

Yoo In-so, who plays Yoo Gwi-nam in the series, points out that they don’t just focus on the entertainment factor. He says, “It also really looks into a story and a subject matter, the virus, which I think can resonate with so many of us, especially today. I feel like in that way, it’s very unique.”

Of course, the zombies still play a big part in the show – and they are definitely unforgettable! Cho Yi-hyun, who plays Choi Nam-ra in the series, is very proud of the zombies in All of Us Are Dead. “You’re going to be seeing very unique, speedy zombies in All of Us Are Dead,” she warns.

Photo from Netflix

If you’re a fan of the webtoon, Director Lee also shared that they actually met with the original creator of the webtoon, writer Chun, and talked a lot about bringing the story to life. “We wanted to tell the story of what kind of hope people should carry as we live our lives. What it means to be human,” explains Director Lee. “So, while it’s going to be a wildly entertaining show, we also wanted to create a drama series that leaves you with food for thought as well.”

The whole cast of All of Us Are Dead also invites you to watch the series – streaming on Netflix now:



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