All I Want in Life Right Now is a “Baby Yoda”

Whether or not you’ve seen ‘The Mandalorian’s first two episodes by now or not, I’m sure you’ve seen people talking about “baby Yoda” all over the Internet. Honestly, I can’t really blame them. The first time I set eyes on him/her, I wanted to scream from the rooftops and scour the world for a toy or anything at all that would make it possible for me to gaze into its adorable huge eyes everyday.

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of him/her by now, too. However, if you don’t want any spoilers on the first two episodes of ‘The Mandalorian’, I’d suggest not reading any further.


If you don’t mind minor spoilers or if you just want some happiness and a ton of cuteness overload today, here’s an appreciation post for possibly the cutest thing that I have set my eyes on this year: “baby Yoda”.


Here’s “Baby Yoda” using the Force:


Here’s “Baby Yoda” exhausted after using the Force:

Here’s “Baby Yoda” eating a frog:


Here’s “Baby Yoda” just being a, well, baby:


And just standing by the doorway in the cutest way possible:

Looking like a boss:


Those. Ears. Tho.

And. Those. Eyes.


I really hope they release toys with a moving crib-like thing:


Obviously, he/she isn’t actually baby Yoda since this is allegedly set a few years after the first trilogy. But since we don’t know much about him/her or his/her origins yet, we’ll just stick to “baby Yoda” for now.

Do you want one, too? AHHHHHH!!!

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