Alexa Ilacad Reacts to Nash Aguas’s Sweet Note to Mika Dela Cruz: ‘Inside the 13 years, where was I?’

Alexa Ilacad has been going viral on social media after her comment on real-life lovers Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz struck a chord in many netizens’ hearts.


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The whole thing began when Nash, who previously had a “Mutual Understanding” kind of relationship with Alexa spanning several years, commented on current girlfriend Mika’s Instagram post dated May 15. “13 years and I still love you,” he wrote.

Alexa, who was present in Nash’s life within those 13 years, couldn’t help but feel offended that their relationship wasn’t acknowledged.

Mika Dela Cruz Nash Aguas

Doon ako na parang…esa loob ng 13 years na ‘yonparang naano lang ako na…Okay langayoko nang ma-hurt, kasi it’s not my place anymore. But I will be lying if I’ll say, hindi ako napaisip. Parangmay karapatan ba akong magalitKasiang weird, enandoon ako,” Alexa said in an exclusive interview with

Alexa then went on Tonight With Boy Abunda to further state that she always knew her Goin’ Bulilit costars had a special connection ever since. And although it’s fine with her that they are now in a relationship, it saddened her that Nash seemingly wrote her off from those 13 years even if they never became an official couple.

Napaisip ako when I read that ’13 years thing’ naKasi inside the 13 years, I was there. So when you say na ’13 years and I still love you,’ where was I?” Alexa said.

“Maybe [in] that hour I cared. But I said to myself, ‘Mmm, [it’s] not worth your time. Move on,'” she added.

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However, she did clarify that she bears no ill feelings towards Nash and Mika and that they are all “civil.” But if there’s one thing Alexa wants more than anything, it’s to separate herself from the couple entirely.

“Actually, I want to exclude myself from them, from their life. I want to cut it and leave it in the past,” she said.

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