Here’s What Alex Gonzaga Said After Being Accused of Cutting Immigration Line

Alex Gonzaga took to Twitter to share her side of the story after a netizen called her out for allegedly cutting the immigration line at the airport.


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The netizen shared a screenshot of her friend’s Facebook rant about how Alex and her family cut her in line. “What’s with entitled Filipino celebrities lol,” the poster said.

The netizen then wrote: “[Redacted] talaga itong si Alex Gonzaga kagaspangan ng ugali mo nagumpisa ka na naman wala ka patawad pati friendship ko… nakakaloka!”

(“This Alex Gonzaga, your attitude is very rude. You’re at it again, you have no shame not even to my friend. I’m losing my mind!”)

alex gonzaga facebook rant

Alex, who found the tweet, defended herself.

She began by saying that a new immigration counter opened and her parents, who were both senior citizens, were asked to form a new line. She also claimed that they had asked permission from the ones lining up in front of them if they can form the new queue. When the Facebook poster in question said that it was supposed to be her turn, Alex and her family let her without question.

She also explained that her family wasn’t in a hurry since they had new tickets to a new flight that was scheduled later that afternoon. She then reiterated that her parents were senior citizens who had the right to be prioritized on queues. “Hindi kami pa-entitled (We’re not entitled),” she said.

Alex also clarified that her mom, Mommy Pinty, had let the Facebook poster pass without an issue. “Nakakalungkot kailangan niya palakihin (It’s sad that she had to make it such a big issue),” she added. “Anyway, I said my piece. Off to positivity and enjoy my trip.

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Currently, Alex is in Tokyo, Japan with her parents for the YouTube Creator Summit 2019.

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