Akind: Mindful Healthy Food That Reinvents How Filipinos Consume Rice

With all of us cooped up at home and actively taking measures to stay healthy and well, it becomes all the more vital for us to choose healthier, more mindful meals to consume on a daily basis.

Akind is one such business that promotes this kind of mindful living with its menu of delicious food products that, as the brand name suggests, are kind to farmers, our loved ones, and ourselves.

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Founded in 2017 by a group of individuals with extensive experience in the rice industry thanks to being exposed to their parents’ business established in the 80s, Akind was the product of the founders’ resolve to help the local agriculture community by reinventing the way rice is consumed among Filipinos. They believed that creating unique products with our locally grown ingredients will give it a lot more value, amid the constant rice importations from neighboring countries.

Apart from uplifting the agricultural industry, the founders were also determined to create food that was healthy and safe to eat, particularly for those with dietary restrictions and food allergies who don’t often have easy access to quality alternatives.

“The daughter of one of the co-founders was found to be allergic to gluten, as well as other allergy-inducing foods such as dairy, wheat, and refined sugar,” Akind shared. “This led to the company’s a-ha moment, its reason for being – to be able to give people, especially those closest to our hearts (family), alternatives to be able to enjoy products such as bread, cookies, and other foods without having to feel sick afterward.”

akind bakery philippines

Akind now serves loaves of bread, cookies, peanut butter spreads, and flour which are all mainly gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and free of refined sugars. Those who have low-carbohydrate diets will also enjoy their various offerings! Products also have “superfoods” incorporated in them which have anti-oxidant properties, such as chia seeds and spirulina.

Baking days are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while deliveries are scheduled every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Give yourself the kindness your body deserves!



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