Ahn Bo-hyun Talks About His Role in “Military Prosecutor Doberman”

After stealing our hearts in many Korean dramas in the past, Ahn Bo-hyun is currently starring in his first military law drama and his first lead role in Military Prosecutor Doberman. A new genre for the actor, the drama deals with the theme of justice; but of course, as expected of Bo-hyun, there is a lot of action too.

“My boxing experience helped me to some extent,” he shares. “It built a good foundation in my physical strength so when filming action scenes, I had the agility and sensation in my body. I had also worked with the martial arts director previously who knew my strengths and weaknesses well and tailored the actions accordingly for me. I followed the directors’ instructions and devoted my best to the action scenes which came out quite well.”

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According to Bo-hyun, his character, Do Bae-man, doesn’t rely on others nor does he give up easily. When asked how similar he is to his character, he shares that he also tries to resolve his problems on his own when he encounters them.

As for wearing a military uniform again, he quips that he was so relieved to take off his military uniform after two years in the military service. Since then, though, he has worn the uniform three times, including in the drama Descendants of the Sun. “I think I have an inseparable destiny with it,” he says.

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Ahn Bo-hyun has been consistently active in the K-drama world and it seems like he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I really love my job of being an actor,” he states. “I think I am able to achieve where I am now because of the good people who are always around me.” He adds that his main sources of energy to keep him motivated to work hard are his family, his passion, and his determination.

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Bo-hyun says he feels like he grows as an actor after every production that he is a part of. “However, I had my first lead role in Military Prosecutor Doberman,” he reminds us. “This made me feel that I have progressed to the next level.” Of course, his growth won’t stop there. “There are still many genres and characters that I have not done before,” he points out. “I want to challenge myself with as many kinds of roles as possible like melodrama, romantic comedy, historical drama, and many more.” We definitely can’t wait to see more of him in the future!

Military Prosecutor Doberman is currently airing every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:15pm on tvN (Smart GigaPlay app).

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