Ahavia Lounge Spa: A Place of Tranquility

When in Manila. Another day has ended; there you are, sitting in your car, thankful for accomplishing more than what you’ve initially planned to do. And then suddenly, like a creeping sensation, you start to feel the weight of all the stress and the hard work that you’ve been through . So you thought: “Hey, I need an escape. I need to take all this steam off of me.” The usual solution that we could think of at times like that would be to go to a spa; and true enough, that’s the best solution after a really tough day. And I say: when you’re looking for that place of tranquility, how about dropping by San Juan to try the Ahavia Lounge Spa?



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Ahavia is located along 579 Mariano Marcos St. in San Juan and you could spot it right away with its signature black-white-blue color theme. Plus, can I just say? It’s awesome how this spa is open from 12 noon to 4am! Correct me if I’m wrong but most of the spas that I’ve been to ends at around 2AM or maybe even midnight, and with my friends, we usually go out late and our craving for a spa treatment usually hits at 2AM. So yes, you can get the drift. Hooray for late closing time!



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Right from the moment that we stepped into Ahavia’s door, it was lovely how quickly the minty scent of the spa wafted to our senses. The place had very low lighting, as if welcoming you to an abyss of sleep and relaxation: which I loved!


Ahavia offers a lot of services: Couples Package, Spa Packages, Traditional Body Massages, Stress Relief Body Massages, Royalty Body Massages, Hands and Feet Treatments, Dessert Essences Body Spa, Organic Body Spa, Hair and Scalp Remedies, and more! They also offer food and snacks should you be hungry. (You can see this in more detail in their ‘menu’ which will be linked at the bottom of this post.)


For us, to play a bit on variety as well as to try at least a bit of everything on Ahavia’s services, Joanne and I decided to opt for the Couples Package wherein we will each modify our massages. Meanwhile, Mark Davis tried on the Stress Escape Special Spa Package.


We were then lead to a VIP room to avail of the services that we wanted and as much as the overall spa motif goes, the room was clad in black-and-white hues. There’s even a flat-screen TV and a spacious toilet and shower room!



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For the Ultimate Couples Package (P4,805 – Normal Rate) this would include:

  • (2) Ahavia Signature Massage
  • (1) Silky Milky Aroma Glow for female
    (1) Anti-Stress Aroma Salt Therapy for male
  • (2) Nail Spa Care (mani and pedi) 
  • (2) Refreshing Foot Spa
  • Couple’s VIP Room

 Like I said though, we modified it a bit; just a tiny bit. Joanne got the usual inclusions, eyeing in rather on the Anti-Stress Aroma Salt Therapy (P799). Whereas I got the Silky-Milky Aroma Glow (P699) and for the massage, instead of the Ahavia Signature Massage (P599 – 120mins) I rather got the Seashell Massage with Oriental Ritual (P899 – 120mins).


They first started off with the Refreshing Foot Spa; it got a bit ticklish of course, since there was scrubbing involved (haha) but hey, I’ll live!


This was followed by the Silky-Milky Aroma Glow: said to help moisture and lighten the skin. I wanted this because it could help even out the tan that I got back when I surfed in Baler. This was left on my skin for around 15 or more minutes.



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(L) Anti-Stress Aromatheraphy Salt Scrub



After taking a quick shower, we proceeded with the Seashell Massage. This is said to be an excellent way to relieve tension and increasing circulation; used for centuries, the shells’ shape glides along perfectly over the contours of our bodies . Throughout this process, I felt the different techniques used by the masseuse: there were glides, rolls, twirls, and whatnots.



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Seashell Massage



It’s important to note that the Seashell Massage can be availed ala carte (P799 – 90mins) but could also be availed along with an Oriental Ritual Blend Massage (P899 – 120mins); as indicated above, I got the latter. (This is a traditional body massage that also involved a lot of stretching.)



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Oriental Ritual Massage



 Meanwhile, Mark Davis, who got a different package (Stress Escape – P1,799) included services such as:

  • Anti-Stress Thermal Massage
  • Reviving Peppermint
  • Anti-Stress Aromatheraphy Scrub

This is perfect for those who are looking for a refreshing turn out to wash away the heavy feel from such things like the corporate life… 


After hours, our whole massage experience was finished. Relaxed and contented, we were then offered some hot tea.



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But no, our package still hasn’t ended; well at least for the Couple’s Package. We had the mani and pedi session too!  This was done in a separate room.



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I wanted to have something playful so I opted for this kind of nail polish! It was really nifty!



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Before I end this, I’d like to stress how Ahavia Lounge Spa offers good value for money. Aside from these awesome spa packages and services, they also offer a total budget-friendly service: the treats for my treats! Available during weekdays (MON- THURS) from 10am to 5pm, you can have the following…


  • P199 : choice of the following massage (60mins)
    Oriental Ritual
    Western Blend
    Point Pressure  
  • P189 : choice of the following
    Refreshing Foot Spa
    Hair and Scalp Therapies
    Reviving Peppermint
    That Minty Feeling
    Henna Help
  • P599 : choice of the following body spa
    Silky Milky Aroma
    Anti-Stress Aroma
    Ginger Body Buffer
  • P599 : off-peak package
    Western Blend
    Reviving Peppermint
    Refreshing Foot Spa
    *Frozen Iced Tea 


Aside from these perks, you could also avail of their Frequency Card! This is specially designed for the loyal customers of Ahavia! Like for instance, you could avail of free stuff like a VIP Room, a spa package, and more!



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Through all of this, it’s apparent how Ahavia Lounge Spa could offer you so much… and more! So When in Manila and looking for a relief, make sure to drop by the city of San Juan and look for this location. As the Hebrew word “Ahavia” implies, which is to care or to loveyou’ll be rest assured that every service is delivered meticulously and for great value of money too! So people of the metro, here’s to stress-free days!



Ahavia Lounge Spa

579 Mariano Marcos St. 1500
San Juan, Rizal, Philippines
Open 12NN to 4AM
655-9267 or 748-7930
Facebook Page: [click]
MENU: [click ]


When In Manila photos by JoTan23, write-up by I am Aileen.





Ahavia Lounge Spa: A Place of Tranquility