AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines’ National Selection Camp

AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines’ National Selection Camp10596660_10202845153154940_50962884_o

Want to travel and see the world? Want to experience living in a different culture and sharing your own culture with the rest of the world?


This year, AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines (AFS-IPP)is once again searching for qualified candidates—students and teachers—to travel, live and study abroad on the AFS-IPP and learning opportunities. AFS Philippines will be visiting Jose Abad Santos Memorial School (JASMS), EDSA, Quezon City for the National Selection Camp this August 15, 2014, from 8 am to 5 pm. AFS Philippines will be conducting interviews and selection, an orientation on AFS programs and activities on intercultural learning


AFS is a recognized leader in international exchange and intercultural learning. Close to 14,000 participants go on AFS programs to any of our 80 destinations in the world with the participants being hosted by local families, schools and communities. Every year, AFS Philippines sends deserving students, young professionals, teachers, educators and volunteers to go abroad for different programs such as study abroad and class exchange programs, community service and internship programs and educators and teachers exchange programs. 


Interested applicants are asked to bring Php 500 for the AFS Interview and Pre-application fee.


AFS: Connecting lives, and sharing cultures!




AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines’ National Selection Camp

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