#AdultingAccomplice – 99 Adulting Tips You Wish You Knew in Your 20s: A Book Review

When you were a child, you might have experienced a sense of fear whenever your feet would hang off of the edge of the bed afraid there would be a monster underneath waiting to pull you into the dark void that is under your bed. This experience isn’t unique to childhood.

As adults, we can experience something quite similar. The monster and the dark void represent our debts, cash flow, insecurities, and other real world problems we have to deal with once we finish school. In Lianne Martha Laroya’s latest book, #AdultingAccomplice – 99 Adulting Tips You Wish You knew in Your 20s, you will have a guide to get you through the fears and struggles of adulthood. This book will be your flashlight and Lianne will be your friend to show you that there is, in fact, no monster under your bed  — only mindset and finances waiting to be organized.

The main content is made up of three parts. The first part is all about setting a better perspective. The second part is about learning practical skills from saving hacks to travel tipid tips. Lastly, the third part discusses the value of personal relationships and caring for your mental health.


The book is written in a casual tone of voice, making the content easy to consume. Lianne also makes creative and fun abbreviations that make things easier to remember.

Some nuggets of knowledge to highlight:

  • If you have a favorite photo filter that makes your photos seem better, shouldn’t you have a “pre-set” perspective that makes you view on life a little better, too?
  • Don’t be afraid to try out new things, so you can figure out your passion. Fail early, fail repeatedly, and forgive yourself frequently until you find out what that is.
  • Saving is money sleeping. Investing is money working for you, even when you’re sleeping.
  • Value your mental health. After all, there’s only one person you’re sure to spend your whole life with, and this is you.

To conclude, we get a book with a focus on financial literacy, motivation, and self-care. Some people might be under the impression that non-fiction books involving investments are stern, but that is not the case for this book. I love how Lianne laid out the contents in a fun, simple, and creative way – free from complicated financial jargon, but giving you just enough to understand things the next time you speak to a financial advisor. #AdultingAccomplice – 99 Adulting Tips You Wish You knew in Your 20s may teach you about investing, but it is also a good investment in itself.

I am fortunate enough to have read her other book 9 Secret Sweldo Tips to be a 20-Something Millionaire when I was in my early 20s. I look back on it and realize that it is one of the books that helped me shape my perspective on investments.

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When you invest in knowledge, no volatility or market risks can take that away from you. Start investing early!

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