Adele’s Separation from Husband Sparks Twitter Debate

Adele is the latest artist to announce a divorce from her husband, Simon Konecki, with whom she shares a six-year-old son, after seven years of being together.

Adele and Ex-Husband Simon Konecki

Source: US Magazine

Naturally, the news left millions of fans shaken — but also thrilled that this could inspire Adele to release an all-new album in the future.

“Adele has split up with her husband… Some brilliant songs coming our way soon then,” said one fan on Twitter.

“Adele has just broken up with her husband so we are in for a BANGING album in 12-18 months xox,” tweeted another.

Another fan posted a meme about feel both heartbroken for Adele and excited for a potential future album.

However, these kinds of tweets did not sit well with others who claimed that people are exploiting the songstress’s far-from-happy situation.

One person tweeted, “If you find out that Adele is getting a divorce and your first thought is “wow her next album is going to be so good!

” you’re perpetuating the false notion that artists have to be miserable to make good art.”

Another person said, “I hope Adele releases an album full of trap music features and bops bc you ain’t gotta be sad to make art and getting rid of men ain’t sad.”

“Perhaps it’s the former single mom in me, but all these celebratory tweets about Adele’s divorce — “a new album!” — makes me bone weary. All I want for her and her child right now is a quiet patch of the world where no one is excited for her sadness,” said another fan of the singer.

A representative of Adele said that the couple is “committed to raising their son together lovingly” and ask for privacy during this time.

How did you react when Adele broke the news online?