Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Ozen Vacuum Blender

You may have put your fitness goals on hold for the holiday season and that’s okay. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the holiday feasts, amiright? If weight loss and healthy eating are part of your New Year’s Resolution then OZEN Vacuum Blender has your back.

Ozen Vacuum Blender

The OZEN Vacuum Blender helps delay oxidation of the nutrients. Because of its vacuum technology, there’s no air contact as you blend so the nutrients are intact. This way, you maximize the benefits of the anti-oxidants in your fruits and vegetables. Cool, eh?

OZEN is a great tool for making green smoothies. It blends finely and you won’t feel the coarse fiber of your leafy greens. If you’re a green smoothie fanatic like me, you know what I’m talking about. (Yes, I’m talking to you.)

Even if you’re only fond of fruits like apples and pineapple, you’ll definitely taste the difference.

If you’ve been juicing for a while, you may be missing the benefits of fiber in your diet. Use OZEN to blend your fresh produce finely into juice consistency.

You don’t have to worry about making a large batch. You can use the extra container to vacuum the rest of your juice and keep it fresh longer in the fridge.

Ozen Vacuum Blender
Its Hexa Blades blend your fruits and veggies into a fine smoothie.

Another thing I really liked about OZEN is that it’s easy to clean. Unlike most blenders, you can take out the blade portion of OZEN so you can brush it separately.

In my experience, OZEN can do the job of most high-speed blenders available abroad, with a fraction of the price. It’s even more amazing because of the vacuum function. I’m not worried about making healthy smoothies that will go bad after a few hours; OZEN takes care of that. Fitness goals, here I come!

Ozen Vacuum Blender

I’ll share some recipes soon. If you have any recipe requests or suggestions, reach out to When In Manila’s social media pages or follow me on Instagram @iamnicolastoni.

In the meantime, enjoy this short clip I made! 🙂

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