Aburi Mama has ofishally gotten me hooked on their Sushi Bake

As a foodie, I’m always on the lookout for new stuff. After all of the recent coffee trends, we’ve got something savory this time around: the Sushi Bake.

Aburi Mama Sushi Bake

In case you didn’t know, a Sushi Bake is a cross between a casserole and a deconstructed sushi. It features a tray filled with Japanese sushi rice— the kind that’s soaked in vinegar and rice wine. On top of this are your usual sushi fixings: a mix of Japanese mayonnaise, cream cheese, fish roe, fish, and sometimes fruit. On the side, you’ve got seaweed.

There’s an art to properly enjoy a Sushi Bake. First, you need to dig deep into those layers with a spoon. Next, you put said dollop on your seaweed and pop it in your mouth— simple as that. Some may roll it up like your usual sushi; but if you’re lazy like me, you can just fold it in half.

Aburi Mama Sushi Bake 3

My first foray into this marvel called came from Aburi Mama. This Instagram shop offers only one kind of Sushi Bake— the Cheesy Baked Salmon Kani Aburi Rice— and yes, it’s a mouthful… literally! Made with fresh salmon, kani, tobiko, and authentic sushi rice; this treat is as enjoyable as it gets. Picture this: creamy and cheesy goodness with a subtle fishy flavor from the cooked salmon and shreds of crabstick. Now pair that with the tangy sour-sweet contrast from the rice. For the final touch, the saltiness of the seaweed helps cut through the rich flavors. Yum!

To properly enjoy your Aburi Sushi Bake from Aburi Mama, you need to set your oven or toaster to 200C. Place the tray in there for 5 minutes until the top gets nice and toasty, then eat and enjoy! Remember not to put the metal tin in the microwave, though, since that would turn catastrophic. Of course, you can also enjoy it cold like we did.

Aburi Mama Sushi Bake 2

For orders, you can send them a message on Instagram. Although they only offer one flavor at the moment, I think this brand has enough potential to create different blends (California Maki Sushi Bake, anyone?).

What other food trends should we try out next?

Aburi Mama

Instagram: @aburi.mama

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