Above Sea Level: Affordable, Fresh and Flavorful Seafood Dishes in Metro Manila

Did you know that you don’t have to go underwater just to get fresh seafood?

Yup, there’s this new stall that’s making waves in the metro’s food park scene recently. Above Sea Level is a food shack at The Yard Underground that specializes in fresh and affordable seafood. In a sea full of restaurants and countless food trends, they got us all hooked with all-time favorites, such as shrimps, mussels, crabs, and squid.

Last weekend, we tried some of their bestsellers and we must say, Seafood Sundays at Above Sea Level might actually be our weekly thing. Yes, it is that great!

As huge shrimp lovers, we tried their Shrimp Dynamite first. The coating is crispy fried and the shrimp inside is really tender. This dish is a sure way to fire up your appetite! Plus, one serving includes a bowl of java rice. We also tried their Bacon Wrapped Shrimps. Well, who would say no to two of the best-tasting things in life wrapped in one bite? Definitely not us!

Above Sea Level 4

Aside from the shrimp appetizers, we didn’t miss the chance to try the talk of the town Butterfly Squid. They are so huge that the sizing starts from Giant all the way to Groot. The squid is well-seasoned and fried to golden perfection. Plus, it is so tender that you can effortlessly tear a piece with just a single hand.

Above Sea Level 3

The best-selling dish is indeed a social butterfly because almost all of the tables in the food park had one Giant Butterfly Squid each. From as low as P 180, you can get your own too.

The Yard Underground 23

If you’re not sure which one to order or if you simply want them all, no worries, Above Sea Level is also serving a Seafood Boodle which consists of crabs, shrimps, mussels, corn and java rice. The dish is originally good for three, however, because it’s too delicious, two people can easily finish them all. In addition, their signature sauce which is made from crab and shrimp fat tastes so sinfully good that you’ll want more!

Above Sea Level 2

Above Sea Level 1

All in all, the whole seafood experience was a delight! I guess, we’ll go back again soon for another episode of Seafood Sundays! If we got you craving for your favorite crustacean upon reading this article, we highly suggest you visit Above Sea Level soon!

Above Sea Level

The Yard Xavierville | The Yard Underground
0905 519 2881

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