A Treasure at the End of a 2-Hour Trek: Buntot Palos Falls in Pangil, Laguna

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Listen and watch this stunning 90ft waterfall with thousands of litres of water cascading down into a beautiful basin. Located in Pangil, Laguna, Buntot-Palos is just one of the many falls found in the mountain range of Sierra Madre. With water thundering down the cliff with a deafening roar, the falls is definitely worth your two-hour trek.

Buntot-Palos or “Eel’s tail” is sometimes called the “Hidden Falls” while other locals call it “kawa-kawa.”

There are two ways to reach the falls: you can either go through Pangil Eco Park or through Brgy. Balian. Just make sure to get a guide to ensure your safety. The local police patrols are now serving as tour guides with radios connected to the barangay. I highly recommend Kuya Ronnie Merginio (+63461317377) as a tour guide if you choose to visit. 300php is the regular rate for a day tour and a 25php fee for registration. The average trek is about 2 to 3 hours.

Getting to the falls is not quite easy especially during the rainy season. The trail can be too muddy. The hardest part is the uphill road where you’ll encounter piles of rocks which can also be slippery because of the mud.

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According to Kuya Ronnie, our tour guide, the place is usually crowded during summer season, so I highly recommend that you go during the rainy days because: one, you can go cliff diving because the basin can get up to 60ft when it rains, and two, you can have the highest possibility of having the place only to yourselves! But behold and really prepare yourselves for mud!!!

But here it is. This beauty, with a 90-foot cascade that pours into a beautiful basin, is waiting for you to discover the stunning view it holds.

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A Treasure at the End of a 2hour Trek

How to get to Buntot-Palos:

1. Ride the bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. There are regular trips at Buendia Terminal and Cubao. Fare is 140php.

2. Ride a jeep to Siniloan and tell driver to drop you off at Brgy. Balian. Fare is 35php.

Expect to shell out not more than 500php for this trip. Also, check out the amazing sisig at Manay’s eatery at Pakil. It’s the best I’ve ever tasted.

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Go now, my friend. Pinas is waiting.


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