A Smashing Good Time at Blue Posts Boiling Crab & Shrimp

Words by Keith Carandang | Photos by Sofia Alcala | Video by Yunis Mendoza

Seafood lovers rejoice!  We have a new spot in town and it’s none other than Blue Posts Boiling Crab & Shrimp!  If you’ve been to Davao, then you must be familiar with their high quality authentic seafood.  Now for those out there who might not have the time or the funds to go to Davao, we got you!  Blue Posts has now opened two branches here in Manila and have three more branches in the works. They opened a branch in SM North Edsa last August, and they also recently launched the SM Mall of Asia branch.  We scoped out Blue Posts MOA to give you guys the low down.


A Smashing Good Time at Blue Posts Boiling Crab & Shrimp

The Blue Posts MOA branch has an orange and blue nautical theme that juxtaposes really well with the seaside view right outside its doors.  It really adds to that authentic probinsya feeling when you’re eating seafood with a view of the ocean.  They have two levels, with the second level being a cozier spot with couches and a low ceiling.  This would be great if you want a little privacy while getting your hands messy with their delicious dishes.

A Smashing Good Time at Blue Posts Boiling Crab & Shrimp

In SM North Edsa branch, one of the first things you’ll notice when you walk in is their beverage counter.  Here, you’ll have the chance not just to choose your own drink but to also mix and match your own concoction courtesy of the newly launched NESTLE® Mixology by NESTLE® PROFESSIONAL!

nestle mixology

They have 6 original flavors and the possibilities from there are endless! For only 69 Pesos, you can avail of the NESTLE® Mixology bottomless drink.  You can taste every flavor and try out all the combinations you want! (That is, if you’re not too busy with all the delicious food ;))

A Smashing Good Time at Blue Posts Boiling Crab & Shrimp

The 6 main NESTLE® juices are: NESTLE® Orange, NESTLE® Pineapple, NESTEA® Strawberry Red Tea, NESTLE® Cucumber Lemonade, NESTLE® Pink Lemonade Lychee, and NESTLE® Blue Lemonade.

They have ready-made recipes for the drinks such as Lime Cooler, which is half NESTLE® Blue Lemonade and half NESTLE® Pineapple.  It has a sort of tangy and candy sour flavor; Fruit Burst, which is half NESTLE® Cucumber Lemonade and NESTLE® Pink Lemonade.  This one’s really refreshing especially with the cucumber factor.  But  here’s a tip from the team, the best mix we tasted was the mix of NESTLE® Blue Lemonade and NESTLE® Pink Lemonade.  We don’t know if this has a name for itself (because it should!!) but for some reason, it turned out tasting like lychee!  This is one of Anthony Ang’s, owner and founder of Blue Posts Boiling Crab & Shrimp, favorite concoctions as well.

A Smashing Good Time at Blue Posts Boiling Crab & Shrimp

We were advised to pour the second half of the drink slowly so the drinks don’t mix colors immediately.  Don’t worry! The kuya waiters and ate waitresses are really helpful and would guide you in mixing drinks!

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