A Message For When You’re About To Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Taking that first leap can be daunting, especially when we’re about to embark on something new. We get all sorts of scary thoughts and sometimes, these thoughts even hinder us to take the opportunity. It hinders us to take the leap.

I’ve been in such situations countless of times already, so I’m sharing a simple message to you, hoping that it can give you the push you need to take things on.

A Message For When You’re About To Start on Something New

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If you’re about to go beyond your comfort zone and you’re scared, then I’d like to tell you that… it’s okay. The scariest part is always when you’re about to begin. Sure, along the journey, there would be other scary parts but perhaps they’re not as intense as that moment when you were about to take that leap.

Yes, it’s okay to be scared for a little while.

You know what’s not okay, though? It’s not okay to let opportunities pass just because you were scared and you took your sweet time being glued on the same spot. I know this because I’ve already watched as some opportunities simply slipped away just because I thought I wasn’t good enough.

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Keep this in mind: greater things await you! And when you take that leap, you’re going to be glad you did. Why? Because you’re going to grow. You’re going to discover more things about yourself and you’re going to realize that you can actually do things you never knew you can.

It’s a nice feeling to look back and tell yourself that you’re glad you took the risk and went beyond being scared, instead of looking back and wallowing on what-ifs. You’re going to be glad that you allowed the experience to mold you and to take you to where you are today.

Some opportunities may never come again. We can never be too sure that if we let it slip, it’ll come back when we’re more ready.

Sometimes, it won’t. It’s now or never.

Take that leap, love. Take that leap, learn, and grow. I’m sure you can do it.

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