A Magical Night with Of Monsters and Men

Traveling all the way from Iceland, Of Monsters and Men captured the hearts of many Filipinos during their one night only concert at World Trade Center last May 12. The five-man band charmed their way into the hearts of the audience by serenading us with singles from their latest album, “Beneath The Skin,” and some hit songs from their debut, “My Head is an Animal.”

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If there is such a thing as masterful wizards and sorceress in music, this group will definitely fall into that category. Watching them live as they performed their music is like falling into a trance, bringing you peace and lightness with every beat of the drum, on each rhythm and melody of the songs.

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Pointing out the reason why this band is so captivating is like looking for a particular grain of sand on a fine day at a gorgeous beach. Each element is as wonderful as it can get, with their poetic lyrics and enchanting melodies, but put them together and they create a vast space filled with glitter and magic. They sound amazing when performing live, with Nanna and Ragnar’s flawless vocals and each instrument faultlessly colliding, creating a tune that feels like you are listening through your earphones…but way better.

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The group started out by belting their hit “Thousand Eyes” followed quickly by “Empire.” With each beat of the drum, the audience waved and danced, singing along on the top of their lungs. Some of the crowd favorites were “Crystal,” “Mountain Song,” and “Little Talks,” which made everyone jump on their feet, their body moving and swaying to the music.
They also sang some of their more soulful hits like “Organs” and “I Of the Storm,” bringing fans and audience into a heartfelt daze.

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It was the band’s first time in the Philippines, and although we were a new crowd, frontmen Nanna and Ragnar mentioned that they enjoyed the audience and that they “can’t wait to go back again” in Manila.

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They ended their set with a “Dirty Paws” and “Yellow Light” encore, finishing it all off with exuberance and cheerful applause from the crowd. With a flourish and a bow, Of Monsters and Men surely conquered the hearts of the crowd more than what we’ve expected.

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We’re holding on to their promise of coming back again, and our hearts can’t wait for them to enchant us all. As of now, this Spotify playlist will have to do. Until next time, Of Monsters and Men.


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