Absolut Elyx: A Little Bit of Swedish Sunshine in Manila

When In Manila visit Republiq, one of the sickest clubs in Manila and be graced with the full taste of Absolut Elyx.


Republiq is one of those hip new clubs that everyone wants to go to. I went there once in my first week, but it wasn’t exactly club hours before I left. For the Absolut event it was slightly different.

Republiq Invite Only Party


8. Absolut Elyx Party


When I arrived I was greeted by two gorgeous blonde Australians outside the doors. +2 points. I walked inside and found two gorgeous brunette Australians. +2 more points! At the very least I knew the crowd would be…interesting. There’s something very unique about the club scene. Maybe it’s pulsating music filling your body and thoughts, or perhaps the dark environment broken up by flashes of blue, green and purple lights coupled with dry ice. Or maybe it’s the tightly packed room where people are leaning over to shout into each others’ ears just to be heard. Whatever it is, Republiq has it.


2. Absolut Vodka Models 2


5. Absolut Elyx Republiq Party



Absolut Elyx Product Launch

There were free drinks (of course) to showcase the new Elyx product. Combining the finest natural ingredients, along with a revitalized distillation process, ABSOLUT Elyx offers a natural and unadulterated taste which avid vodka drinkers crave for. ABSOLUT Elyx has a long-lasting smooth finish with a touch of spiciness, and hints of floral and fruity tones. From neat or on the rocks, to cocktails or martinis, the splendid taste and remarkable texture will only leave you asking for more. It was definitely very smooth and definitely very vodka-y. It seemed to fit the environment as well. While I was drastically underdressed for the event (you should always remember to read the invite BEFORE going!) it was dazzling to see so many of Manila’s finest and famous decked out in sexy dresses and posh suits.


4. Absolut Vodka Elyx

7. Absolut Elyx Singer


The show was topped off by the Manila Symphony Orchestra blending strings with beats at the hand of DJ Brian Cua. The result was a new sound and experience, which left me in a trancelike state. Add to that the scintillating voice of the feature singer (whose name I cannot find for the life of me!) and it was one helluva a show! I definitely will be going back to Republiq soon!



6. Absolut Elyx Manila Symphony Orchestra


So remember, When in Manila and wanting to have a good night out, just grab a DJ, a singer, and orchestra, some Elyx and hit up one of the hottest clubs in Manila!


9. Absolut Elyx

3. Absolut Country of Sweden Elyx

1. Absolut Vodka Models 1

 Absolut Elyx: A Little Bit of Swedish Sunshine in Manila


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