A Breakfast Abode in Breezy Antipolo : Eggs for Breakfast Cafe

 When in Manila, do you agree with me if I say that this December is full of last-minute everything? In work there are projects sprouting out of nowhere that needs to be done ASAP. In school there are tons of homework due all at the same day and you’re still cramming the night before. (I can relate)  You even have last minute reunions and Christmas parties with friends you haven’t been with in a long time. Everything seems to be urgent and you forget that you need some “me” time–that time to just rest and spend a good day of doing nothing but all the relaxing and fulfilling things you haven’t done in a long time. 

This alone time seems to be a luxury nowadays and I suggest you take advantage of the Christmas break to do just that. Or, a better idea would be to really schedule that time to unwind, may it be with yourself, with a friend or with your family.  


Eggs for Breakfast  Cafe (13)

 A treasure of a place, Velada Estate in Antipolo. 


Take advantage of that free time to travel, read a book, watch a movie, catch-up with friends and maybe even try a restaurant that you’ve been eyeing on for a long time. That was what I did a few days back, but I wasn’t technically eyeing on this restaurant for “long time” because it just came out fresh from the hills of Antipolo! 


Eggs for Breakfast  Cafe (12)

 Now you know the newest cafe around in Antipolo, Eggs for Breakfast Cafe!


Eggs for Breakfast Cafe is the newest cafe in Antipolo. It has just been around for about 2 months so it’s still a hidden treasure for most of us. Since it’s located in Velada Estate, it is without a doubt a breathtaking way to relax in the presence of good food and good people.Clearly, this cafe would be a restaurant I would personally suggest to my friends and a cafe I would go back to again and again, even if it’s all the way here in Antipolo. The view is just…breathtaking, and the cold breeze of the air is something restaurants in city can’t offer.  


Eggs for Breakfast  Cafe (10)

 The rustic-industrial interior of Eggs for Breakfast Cafe


When I walked in this was the first thing I saw– it’s DIY wall filled with colorful decorations and innovative crafts. Eggs for Breakfast Cafe is an ambassador for all things that brings good vibes: breakfast, typographies, art, crafts, positive quotes, coffee, nature and everything else that brings positivity.


Eggs for Breakfast  Cafe (11)

 Can you guess which table I sat in? Yeap, the one right in the middle of this wall.


Eggs for Breakfast Cafe is a cafe that serves breakfast all day to all kinds of breakfast lovers! The owners have meticulously curated their menu to cater to a variety of customers without going astray from their brand–comfort. They stand for big servings of high quality food without it being too pricey , thus I can say that one of the charms of this cafe is its wallet-friendly price. 


Eggs for Breakfast  Cafe (9)

Triberries & Watermelon Smoothie


To start your lovely breakfast is this Triberries & Watermelon Smoothie. This has cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, and watermelon in it. A creamy, healthy and sweet companion to the breakfast dishes that you’ll try. 


Eggs for Breakfast  Cafe (8)

For the classic breakfast foodie, Eggs Benjamin.


Eggs Benjamin is an Eggs Benedict variant that comes with smoked salmon instead of ham. It’s served with a salad drizzled with tangy vinaigrette to complement the creamy hollandaise sauce on top of the perfectly runny yolk of the poached egg.


Eggs for Breakfast  Cafe (4)

 Coffee and French Toast with Berries


Another classic, and is perfect to eat while you’re reading a book, is this combination; A sure winner with its flawless rye bread toast, sweet whipped cream and berries topped with powdered sugar. 



Read on for more Eggs for Breakfast Cafe goodness!


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