9 Things Only Guys who are Torpe Can Relate To

In the Filipino language, there are a lot of words that cannot be directly translated into English, because these words are distinct to our country’s own unique culture—like hugot, kilig, gigil, and pabebe. Coincidentally, these words, to some extent, all pertain to love (or the lack thereof).

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One of the most used Filipino words that relates to love that doesn’t seem to have a direct translation is torpe, which only usually refers to guys. A guy is considered to be torpe if he lacks the ability to approach a girl he likes and court her, and he just seems to always have butterflies in his stomach when around her. If you’re admittedly torpe or know a guy who is one, we rounded up the 9 things only guys who are torpe can relate to!

9. Guys who are torpe are always too shy to make the first move.


Torpe guys are always just too shy to make the first move. It’s either they wait for crush to make a move, or nothing just ever happens at all.

8. Guys who are torpe always get so nervous when around crush.


When crush starts to walk past by, torpe guys can’t help but get butterflies in their stomach. Their hands start to get pasmado, their hearts start pumping fast, and they just don’t know what to do or what to say in that moment.

7. Guys who are torpe overthink about a lot of stuff.


When talking to crush on text or Messenger, guys who are torpe start to overthink every single detail crush tells him. He goes on and starts to think about what every word in the specific message means.

6. Guys who are torpe may have a hard time sustaining a conversation with crush.


Torpe guys have difficulty in building continuous and lasting conversations with crush. Sometimes, he runs out of things to say, but still tries his best to still lowkey talk to his them!

5. Guys who are torpe have a hard time admitting his feelings to crush.


After building a solid foundation of friendship with his crush, and after all that has been said and done, the torpe guy still won’t make a move. He’s just too scared that crush won’t like him back as well.

4. Guys who are torpe need a little time before they loosen up.


Guys who are torpe are generally shy and are sometimes even introverted. A lot of effort is needed to get him to loosen up and be comfortable around his crush.

3. Guys who are torpe are strategic, they analyze the situation.


Well, there are also some advantages to being torpe. Torpe guys are usually strategic, and they analyze the situation first before acting on things impulsively. Guys who are torpe take their time to strategize, because after all, pursuing someone can’t always be just fun and games—it also requires a bit of diskarte.

2. Guys who are torpe are also deliberate, they assess their chances with crush.


Guys who are torpe think about things carefully, and they also assess the probabilities and chances first before going straight on to battle. Torpe guys recognize the fact that they may eventually get hurt in the process, and therefore know how they can lessen the chance to be.

1. Guys who are torpe may not be ready for commitment yet… but that’s okay.


It takes courage to admit to oneself that he is not yet ready for commitment, and I think that that’s totally fine. One should not pressure oneself to immediately want a relationship, even if he is still not ready. All on your own pace.

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