9 Local Food Products that will Make you #LoveLocal

The diversity of the Philippines isn’t just limited to culture and dialect.

It is also abundant in local specialties unique to certain provinces. Fortunately, you no longer have to go far anymore just to get your hands on native products. With just the tip of your fingers, you can easily shop for authentic Filipino food brands from Foodsource PH.


Foodsource PH is an eCommerce platform that partners with SMEs who are dedicated to their craft. I scrolled through their wide selection and found items that piqued my interest.

9 Local Food Products that will Make you #LoveLocal

TheBasics Crunchy Cacao Peanut Butter


 FoodSource 5

Several brands are vetting for the best local peanut butter title. For me, TheBasics Crunchy Cacao Peanut Butter takes the cake!

FoodSource 9

This uber-creamy, all-natural product doesn’t have any refined sugar, stabilizers, or refined sugar in it. Instead, it makes use of muscovado sugar, which makes it both tasty and healthy at the same time! To give it a twist, it contains bits of cacao nibs for added crunch and a semi-sweet taste.


Balintataw Purong Pinoy XO


FoodSource 17

Inspired by the Chinese XO sauce, this is reinvented with a Filipino twist by combining ingredients, such as pusit, Dulong, mushrooms, and some taba ng talangka to make a sinfully delicious paste. Add this to a bowl of steaming rice and you’ve got yourself a winner.


Chigas Spicy Dilis in Chili and Garlic Sauce with Calamansi


FoodSource 13

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Coming all the way from Davao, this brand combines ingredients like dilis and calamansi to add a twist to one of our favorite condiments. If the garlic sauce isn’t enough, the spice will surely make you want to eat more.


Shigas Chili Sakurab Palapa in Olive Oil


FoodSource 16

This Maranao delicacy will make your dining experience even better. Sakurab is a variety of green onions that’s indigenous to Mindanao and is the main ingredient of Palapa. This goes well with light meat or fish.


Casa Lontoc Spicy Sinamak


 FoodSource 3

An ode to the sawsawan culture during Pinoy meals. Right off the bat, you’ll already see what you’re paying for: a medley of chilis, onions, garlic, and pickles. Whether its tapa or roasted/fried food, this vinegar sauce will make your mealtime more enjoyable. Trust me!


Pik-a-Pikel Mango Salsa


FoodSource 11

FoodSource 12

Looking for the perfect salsa for your next pulutan? The Pik-a-Pikel Mango Salsa is a must-try. Imagine a sweet-sour side along with your favorite breakfast—it’s bound to be a feast!


Jemel Kent’s Mushroom Square Bars Chili Lime Sesame


 FoodSource 6 FoodSource 7

If you’re looking for a healthy snack alternative, this product by Jemel Kent is a good choice. This Mushroom Square Bar is like savory granola, but with a hint of spiciness. It has good texture and flavor; plus, it will keep you nourished throughout the day.

Infierno Hot Sauce X by Don Hulyo


 FoodSource 8 5d602a6d72a8b

Tired of hot sauce that isn’t really that hot? Challenge your tastebuds with Infierno. From the name itself, you probably won’t be surprised that a whole siling labuyo won’t compare to the heat of this local product. However, what makes this even better is that it’s flavored like barbecue sauce, making it a match made in heaven for grilled food.


Dielle’s Chili Honey Wine


 FoodSource 19

This one is suitable for the Filipino palate with its natural sweetness from the honey. To give it a variety, it has a kick of chili for a more smoother finish.


There are several options at Foodsource PH, but you can count on the fact that these local products truly represent the best of the best of the Philippines.