8 Top Tips to Ensure an Ultra Fun and Comfortable Trail Run

It’s that time of the year again! On September 6, 2015, Salomon, the number one brand in trail running, will be taking urban dwellers back to Intramuros, the oldest City in the Philippines, for their fun-filled and exciting Salomon Citytrail Manila 2015 run.

Salomon Citytrail 2015-Enjoy a Sunset Run Around Intramuros

Citytrail is Salomon’s approach to everyday running in the city. Made especially for people who want to add variety and excitement to their usual runs, Salomon took the idea of trail running, with its unpredictable terrains and surfaces, and applied it to the urban landscape, adding various surfaces and obstacles like staircases, hills, and bridges to make running more interesting. “The idea is that even in a city environment, you can find your own trails,” says Janice Tanada, Salomon’s Brand Manager.

Salomon Citytrail 2015-Enjoy a Sunset Run Around Intramuros3

This year, runners can fall in love with Intramuros all over again as they follow the 6K and 12K routes along the cobblestone paths laid out by Salomon. As participants run through the heart of Manila, they will pass by historic and cultural landmarks, discovering what makes Intramuros a treasured heritage site, and be treated to a spectacular view of the sunset. (Read about last year’s Citytrail run!)

In any run, preparation is key. The Salomon Citytrail Manila 2015 is by no means a competitive race; it will be a fun event perfect for newbies and veterans alike. But the urban trail is not without its own challenges and obstacles, so it’s best to be prepared mentally and physically – that way, you can focus more on enjoying yourself on the trail. Majo Liao and Ronald Wangwang, both seasoned marathon and trail runners, share their top tips for making your experience at Salomon Citytrail Manila 2015 a fun and comfortable experience.

8 Top Tips to Making a Trail Run Ultra Fun and Comfortable

8. Run Regularly.

Majo advises participants to run regularly, at least three times a week. While the Citytrail won’t be as intense as most races, it’s good to condition yourself so you can concentrate more on having fun on the trail.

For those running the 6K trail, do maintenance runs in the weekdays for about 20 minutes and train for about half an hour over the weekend. For 12K runners, aim for around 30 to 40 minutes on weekdays, and 1 hour over the weekends to improve stamina.

7. Hone Flexibility and Strength.

Running isn’t just about your legs – it’s also important to improve flexibility and whole-body strength, according to Ronald. Since the run will be multi-directional, with curves and stairs, it’s a good idea to stretch regularly to prepare your ankles and knees.

Do strength exercises like planking, lunges, and squats to condition your whole body, so you go into the trail prepared for anything. Also, remember to stretch right before the run to warm up your body. Stretch afterwards to cool down, too, adds Ronald.

6. Wear the Right Shoes.

The Citytrail route will include running on different surfaces – roads, sidewalks, alleyways, bridges, and stairs. As such, the shoes you will wear will be crucial for a comfortable and easy run. Suited for Citytrail running, Salomon presents the X-Scream 3D and the Sense Mantra 3 footwear models, which provide good traction and comfort. Majo and Ronald swear by both models, having worn them in past races. Designed to get a firm grip on both hard and loose surfaces, the X-Scream 3D and the Sense Mantra 3 are perfect for varying terrains in the city.

Salomon Citytrail 2015-Enjoy a Sunset Run Around Intramuros4

5. Eat Well.

Maintain a balanced diet and eat foods high in fiber and protein. Keep up your strength and energy by loading on carbs two to three days before the race.

4. Hydrate.

Drink a lot of water before, during, and after the race. As with other races held by Salomon, the Citytrail will be a green run. This means that you will need to bring your own water containers, which you can refill in the hydration stations along the route.

3. Get Enough Rest.

You want to feel refreshed and relaxed while on the trail, so don’t exhaust yourself with too much work or exercise the night before the Citytrail. Instead, just do some light jogging and make sure to clock in at least eight hours of sleep.

2. Invite Family and Friends to Join You.

Invite family members and friends to run with you, so you can create wonderful memories on the trail. It helps to have people who can motivate and inspire you to finish the race.

1. Think Happy Thoughts!

“Running is already difficult in itself; don’t make it harder by thinking negative thoughts,” says Majo. Whether you have fun or not is all up to you; do what it takes to get your spirits up – listen to music, take photos, or stop to appreciate the historic landmarks. Keep the mood light and easy, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Salomon Citytrail 2015-Enjoy a Sunset Run Around Intramuros2

Salomon Citytrail encourages everyone to find trails wherever they are, even in the city! Step out of your routine and rediscover the joy of running.

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