8 Things We Loved About This Year’s Miss Universe

It’s no secret that Filipinos love Miss Universe. In fact, I think we are the only country that watches Miss Universe as religiously as we do. :p Now, while this year’s Miss Universe was a little sad because we didn’t make it into the Top 3, there are plenty of things to love about it all the same – and Leanne Malicdem helped list them down for us:

8 Things We Loved About This Year’s Miss Universe

8. The battle against plus-sized body shaming

Ashley Graham and Miss Canada Siera Bearchell openly spoke about body love. When one member of the media asked Miss Canada how it felt to be a little larger than the other delegates, she immediately wrote a post on Facebook talking about how great it feels to redefine beauty – and anyone who has ever struggled with weight and the perceptions of beauty applauded for her statement.

Read more about it here.

Miss Canada Siera Bearchell

7. The advocacies promoting real change and women empowerment

When the VTRs of the top 9 candidates were shown highlighting their advocacies that promote real change and women empowerment, Leanne immediately took to Miss France and fell in love with her. You can watch some of them talk about their advocacies here:

6. Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock is as fabulous as fabulous can get! Choosing Bretman as the host of the Miss Universe red carpet is one of the best things about this year’s Miss Universe in our opinion. Don’t you just looooove Bretman to bits?

Bretman Rock Miss Universe

4. The importance of substance

A lot of our friends have pointed out that the judges focused too much on looks alone when it comes to Miss Universe. This year, however, the judges consistently emphasised on substance over beauty, with several of them not even being able to stand behind certain candidates without having heard their answers in the Q&A portion yet.

3. Steve Harvey

After last year’s mishap with Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines, Steve Harvey was an absolute joy to watch onstage this year. I love how he laughed at his own mistake and kept alluding to it, and I love how he candidly joked with the delegates whenever he could. As Leanne put it, “Steve Harvey owned his mistake last year and made it a more enjoyable experience this year.”

Steve Harvey Miss Universe

2. Pia Wurtzbach

Pia Wurtzback was, without a doubt, an amazing Miss Universe, and she will definitely be missed! All throughout Miss Universe week this week, she reminded us of how gorgeous she is and why she won, and she looked every bit the Miss Universe we all rooted for and loved. Leanne also observed that Pia’s gowns seemed to blend endlessly into all of the floors that she walked on top of – truly a sight to behold!

Pia Wurtzbach Miss Universe 2017 Red Carpet

1. Miss Philippines making it into the Top 6

Okay, so Leanne’s original number one reason was that her bet Miss France won, but I want to give recognition to Miss Philippines, Maxine Medina, for making it as far as the Top 6. While her answer was lacking (speaking never really seemed to be her strong suit), we have to all agree that she SLAYED the catwalk in everything that she wore. She just looked absolutely stunning! And while we wish she had made use of her interpreter, we are still extremely proud of her. Look at how perfect she looks!

Maxine Medina Miss Universe Long Gown

What was your favorite Miss Universe moment this year? 🙂

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