Miss Canada Speaks About Her Body Size: “It Feels Great to Redefine Beauty”

We love this year’s candidates for Miss Universe – so much so that it has become hard to choose a small group of favorites. One of my personal favorites so far, though, is Miss Canada. Miss Canada isn’t as slim as the other contestants, but that doesn’t bother her at all. While she does address it, she still remains confidently beautiful and that is what I love about her. Case in point? Her latest Facebook post where she says the following:

“How does it feel to be so much.. larger than the other delegates?”•

I was just asked this question in a press junket by a member of the media. I was left almost speechless. I thought, “How does it feel to be myself? How does it feel to be confident in who I am? How does it feel to fulfill my dream of representing Canada on the Miss Universe stage? How does it feel to be a role model for so many young women who struggle to find someone to look up to? How does it feel to redefine beauty?”- My answer- It feels great.

You may see the original post here:


Who are your favorites for Miss Universe this year? 🙂

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