8 Things Only Third Wheels Can Relate To

Words by Meldrick Tin

In every couple, it is almost always inevitable that, at some point, there will be a third wheel in the relationship. You know, those people who always tail behind the couple, always crying internally asking themselves why they still don’t have a jowa.

Relate ka ba? Here are eight things that only people who always third wheel can relate to!

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8. Third wheels are the best photographers.

Third wheels take absolutely the best photos. Not just any photos, though. They take pictures of couples candidly and randomly which end up to be the cutest ones in your photo gallery!

7. Third wheels feel singleness the most.

Third wheels endure the feeling of being single the most. Especially when the couple he or she is with is being touchy, cuddly, and lovey-dovey with one another, the third wheel can’t help but think, “sana all”.

6. Third wheels have to walk in front or behind the couple.

More often than not, it feels awkward to walk side by side with a couple who are already hand-in-hand, which often ends up with the third wheel having to be the head or the tail of the group.

5. Third wheels have to do things all by themselves.


When you’re in a ride in an amusement park, or when you’re doing something with a partner, which are often only for two people, the third wheel ends up having to ride the ride by themselves, or having to do whatever activity by themselves.

4. Third wheels don’t know what to do when the couple starts to get touchy.

In the occasion where the couple starts to really be touchy with one another, and the third wheel gets caught up in that awkward situation, he or she really has no idea what to do.

3. Third wheels have to be in the middle when the couple gets into an argument.

In the instance where the couple gets into a misunderstanding or a heated argument, the third wheel doesn’t take sides. He or she has to be objective, and be the judge or mediator who can help solve the problem.

2. Third wheels are always the taga-“yieee!”

Whenever the couple does something cheesy or sweet, like when they start hugging or holding hands, the third wheel will always go about and tease them by blurting out “yieee!” or “ayieee!”

1. Third wheels are always the best type of people.

Third wheels are always ready to help plan the couple’s first date, birthday surprises, or even something as grand as their wedding proposal! You can rely on your third wheel anytime—and they always got your back.

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