8 Tips on Surviving Third Wheeling – as told by our #WIMSquad!

Have you ever been caught in a situation where a friend cancels out last minute and you’re left with your two other friends who happen to be a couple? I’ve encountered such instances several times that I’d like to think I’m a veteran with third wheeling! With Valentine’s Day approaching, us feisty singles will not enjoy S.A.D (Single Awareness Day) fabulously, but in a better (not bitter) way!

Should we come across instances such as third wheeling inevitably, here are some tips shared by our #WIMsquad to survive and enjoy the couple’s company!

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Appreciation goes a long way!

“I absolutely don’t mind being the third wheel, especially if it’s between two close friends. Think of it this way: If ever you’re out with them, be proactive and make your time with them enjoyable. If anything, third wheelers are the wingmen/women of any relationship and they really should be appreciated more.” – Karl Batungbacal

A couple who chooses you to go with them can mean two thing – they trust you enough and they enjoy your company. Take the chance to enjoy the time you have together – you never know, what you observe from them with the time you spend together would be a lesson for you on what you want to do and not to do in your (future) relationship! It also helps to get to know them as persons and as a couple, too.

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Always have offline games on your phone!

Sanay na kasi yung friend ko na idala ako sa dates nila. Pareho silang sanay na nag ooffline games ako, they don’t even mind. Sometimes, I jokingly whine about being a loner – ‘tas balik ako sa games ko like un simple games – 10!10!, 2fuse and Make Tusok. I enjoy being with them; that’s why nakiki- third wheel ako. Pero may times talaga na sila lang nagkakaintindihan, so balik sa games. – Stef Malaki

It also helps to have handy offline games right at your phone should they be lost in their own little world. But don’t forget to enjoy the company you have together- you might be missing out on moments that you could bond and interact together if you’re just on your phone! Better yet, should either one of you have the same game apps on your devices, challenge one another or play against each other!

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Allow them to treat you!

My sister and boyfriend once treated me out. They treated me milk tea and movies when I was with them, we watched Hunger Games. – Dara Calriza Evangelista

I know you’re shy but low-key want that free food! On a serious note, allow the couple to do favors for you too.

Offer to be their photographer.

Let’s say you’re in IG worthy places, or nasa event ka with them. Or even if nasa mall lang kayo (kung sobrang ma-social media yung couple) expect mo photographer ka of the night to the point na pwedeng may talent fee ka na, hahaha! – Gillian Santos

Capture the couple’s moments together by offering to be their photographer! And yes, I’ve experienced this too – just like Gill, I jokingly tell the couple I could earn a talent fee for their sweet and sappy photos together on Instagram, haha!

Photographer Ryan Arcadio also shares tips in taking good couple shots:

Always try to go for candid photos since mas genuine and you can really see how their relationship is. Take as many photos as you can! They’ll usually appreciate all the options. Always take a full body shot if it’s a special date since they both dressed up for sure!

Interact with the couple.

Merong times na ang galing ng couple mag-interact so feeling ko tropa lang kaming lahat. Kaya I can be myself around them. For me, depende sa couple kung paano nila ittreat talaga yung third wheel. As for me being third wheel naman, okay lang siya for me.” – Choy Sermon

Third wheeling is a lot more bearable if you’re really good friends with the couple. If you’re good pals with only one of them, this is also the time and opportunity to get to know the partner of your friend. His/her likes, dislikes. How your friend is as a partner; those things! You never know what you may discover about the two as a couple and as individuals.

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Know your limits.

If you’re a couple, don’t fight or PDA in front of a third wheel. If you’re a third wheel, politely excuse yourself if you can’t take it. Don’t bring your baggage to the table. Couples shouldn’t start a fight while the third wheel is there. Alternatively, third wheels shouldn’t keep complaining about how they’re still single. – Luigi Leonardo

A couple hanging out with a third wheel is still a close friend gathering. As a couple, you both should be aware that you’re also in the presence of other people. Some people may not be comfortable with your PDA’s or arguments, so make sure you know your limits. For third wheels, take your chance to call out the couple if you’re uncomfortable with what they’re doing. Make sure to draw a compromise to have an enjoyable time together!

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Prepare for relationship advice.

Always be ready for unexpected relationship advice given to you. Some advice given to me includes, “Alam mo, ibaba mo na kasi pride mo”, “Girl,  you should go on Tinder!”, “Sagutin mo na kasi, yan ano pa hinihintay mo!”, “Sabihin mo na kasi kung anong nararamdaman mo para sa kanya!”

Well, on my end, okay naman. Shookt sometimes kapag sobrang off topic ng pinaguusapan, minsan it feels like a nagging mother or ninang na ‘bat wala ka pang boyfriend but in a funny way. – Gillian Santos

Get into relationships when you’re ready, not lonely!

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Enjoy singlehood!

I do enjoy singlehood. It’s been okay kasi I get to focus doing other activities. I mean sure, I’ll admit na minsan nakakainggit din na you see happy. Na parang minsan, gusto ko na rin magkagirlfriend para lang ma experience. Pero at the end of the day, masaya pa rin naman ako so I really don’t get sad about it. Plus, di naman ako na-oOP because I know din naman when to give them time (the couple) time to spend with each other. It’s strange, but I do take pride that I’m a good third wheel.

Well, I guess being a good third wheel means na you get to hang out with the couple – but at the same time, you don’t get in the way of their alone time. Like,  you should know to distance a bit or enable opportunities na they can value time with each other. It’s actually fun at times kasi it kinda feels like you’re a wing and it feels nice when you get to help the couple get closer. There was one time na nag-movie kami and there were four couples .. and there was me. I didn’t feel out of place, since they’re my friends. Siguro, if di ko friends yung mga girlfriend or boyfriend ng friends ko, it might have been awkward. – Denis de Chavez

‘cuz no one’s gonna love you better other than yourself. <3 Take a cue from Tita Whitney Houston!

Any third wheeling tips you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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