8 Things Only People without a Sweet Tooth Can Understand

Words by Mara Karniella Sugue

Every time I tell someone I don’t have a sweet tooth, their jaw drops to the ground. And to be honest, I get it. But I need someone to sympathize with me! I need someone to feel the feeling of “I’d rather not have another round of *insert sweet here.*”

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And if you already don’t have a sweet tooth, chances are people also give you weird looks. So here are 8 things only people with no sweet tooth can understand

8. Salty > Sweet.


Whenever someone asks for your guilty pleasure food, you never answer with a sweet snack. It’s always an endless name of chips or salty grocery snacks.

7. You don’t know why everyone needs to make a sweet version of everything.


Remember strawberry fries? How about chocolate wings? I also don’t understand caramel popcorn! Let the food stay as it is because it is already good as it is.

6. Dark chocolate is the best kind of chocolate.

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It’s the best kind of chocolate because it’s the least sweet chocolate (and it’s the healthiest!). Nobody could argue with that.

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5. You like your coffee black.

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You like your coffee (or tea) just sweet enough so you don’t feel the bitter taste on your tongue. Or if you are a true warrior, you drink your coffee black. You could do without all the extra sugar. And side note: Frappuccinos are the worst.

4. You really wish they’d give something other than candy during Halloween.

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Halloween? Well, you like dressing up but you never properly enjoyed it because you don’t like eating the candy they give you.

3. Dessert? No, thanks.

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Whenever someone asks if you want dessert, you try to come up with ways to say, “No thanks, but I honestly just want to have another round of the entrée.”

2. The dessert table is pretty. But that’s just it.

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Following the previous, sure, the dessert table at buffets is the prettiest to look at with all the colors of the desserts. But that’s just it. You don’t really want to taste them.

1. When you find that one dessert you actually like.

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Sure, you don’t like this sweet or that sweet. But when you do find that one sweet thing you love, it seems like you could never get enough of it!

Can you relate to any of these? Leave your comments down below!

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