8 Super Happy Ways to Serve Milk to Your Kids

How does milk make your kid feel? Happy, very happy, or super happy?

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink - Nicole Villaluz

Milk is an intrinsic part of any childhood. From infancy, kids are already introduced to what would become one of the most important parts of their days, and what they would have around in their lives everyday until early childhood. I have a niece who is now seven years old but would still constantly ask for a warm glass of milk before bed. As I’m sure is the case for other children as well. Because for many kids, a drink of delicious milk equates to comfort—a feeling of warmth and security served in a glass. Being a drink they have known since birth, it’s the feeling of familiarity that binds a child to their milk.

Now, as parents or guardians of little kids, how can you elevate the experience milk time for your precious ones? Sure, your kids are happy with their milk now. But why settle for happy or very happy when your kids can be super happy?

We have a few ideas!

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink - Nicole Villaluz

Think of this as a bonding moment between you and your child. Another factor as to why kids find so much comfort in milk is the fact that they relate it so much to the nurture they receive from the person who usually prepares it them—mom and/or dad.

So how can you bond more with your kid to make them super happy with their milk time? Here are a few ways to try!

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink - Nicole Villaluz

8. Dip yummy cookies in your yummy milk

This, personally, was my most favorite way of enjoying my milk when I was a child. Breakfast, snack, dessert…I was a rather chubby kid growing up and now you know why.

So do it. Any cookies dipped in milk is an instant pixie dust. Especially this Christmas! It’s tradition! Enjoy a glass of milk and cookies by the Christmas tree, and don’t forget to leave some for Santa Claus for when he stops by. He’ll be tired from distributing gifts and could use a snack, I’m sure. 😉

7. Go with the classic cereal and milk combo

Corn, fruity, or chocolate; round, star-shaped, or flat. Whatever flavor or shape the cereal, they are always better swimming in delicious milk. I don’t think I know a kid who doesn’t love cereal! (Even I do.)

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink - Nicole Villaluz

6. Dilute your milk with only a bit of water, leaving it sticky ala pastillas

My niece really gets crafty with the ways she takes her milk, and she is really good at it. So try this little invention of hers—take a small bowl, place a few scoops of powdered milk in there, and pour just a couple of drops of water. Then mix until the powdered milk is damp and sticky. Like pastillas! Grab a spoon, and voila! Enjoy your milky snack.

Yes. These are the things I learn from my niece.

5. Pair your milk with a bread or tasty pastry

My recommendation? Banana bread! My niece absolutely loves banana bread with her milk. Not only is this a super healthy pairing, it’s super delicious too!

4. Snow cone!

Who says there has to be a kiddie party for there to be snow cone? You can make one anytime, and you can make it a healthy one, too, by using milk instead of fruit syrup! Just make some crushed ice, pour your delicious milk drink on it, and you’re all set!

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink - Nicole Villaluz

3. Shake it up, turn it into a milk shake.

All you’ll need is your kid’s favorite milk, ice, a blender, and top it off with a silly loop straw. Because drinks are always 100% better with a silly loop straw. (Even adults would attest to that.)

2. By making it a game of who gets the best milk mustache.

What is a milk time without the milk mustaches? If your kid doesn’t know what a milk mustache is yet, teach them. Demonstrate how to make one for them. Show them just how silly you are willing to look like just to make them smile.

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink - Nicole Villaluz

1. Use only a milk drink that’s certified super delicious

No matter how you try to make milk time enjoyable and super happy for your kids, it just won’t work if the milk you give them just isn’t that good. So be sure to use a brand that’s not only certified nutritious, but is actually, really delicious as wellaccording to kids themselves!

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink - Nicole Villaluz

And what brand of milk do kids love these days? They seem to be crazy for Alaska Powdered Milk Drink because of its delicious taste, that they’ve given it their “super happy” seal of approval! Take a look:

Alaska Powdered Milk is rich with 20 essential nutrients. Just imagine how nurturing that is for your kids! It has protein to keep your kids strong, carbohydrates for energy, choline and magnesium for proper brain development, vitamin A for a good eyesight, and calcium for stronger bones so your kids can grow up to be the healthiest person they can be. And these are just a few of the amazing nutrients in Alaska Powdered Milk!

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink - Nicole Villaluz

And, most importantly, Alaska Powdered Milk is proven super delicious by super happy kids who have tasted it. The brand is a household name in Filipino homes, after all. You can’t go wrong with that.

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink - Nicole Villaluz

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink - Nicole Villaluz

So, why settle for happy or very happy when your kids can be super happy with their milk? Listen to your kids and go for the delicious one, and enjoy your bonding time with them more with Alaska Powdered Milk.

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink


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